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Green Savannah

SAVANNAH Georgia — Years ago GREEN Palm Inn began a list of ‘green Savannah’ — what’s green in our beautifully vibrantly green city. Is this a whimsical endeavor?  The green list and a couple more lists — small places, little cozy spots — keep us on the lookout for what’s new to do, what’s fresh to do in Savannah, GA USA for your next trip here.

We try to keep these lists in tune with Green Palm Inn, where we promote The Softer Side of Savannah .

  • The Green-Meldrim House has historical prominence, as does Greene Square, named for Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene.
  • The early Georgia colony was agrarian, coming full circle to farm fresh endeavors, like Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market (each Saturday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) selling farm fresh green and organic vegetables.
  • The fountains of the City of Savannah are colored green for St. Patrick’s Day, annually each year in March.  Even Baker’s Pride’s donuts are green for the Irish heritage celebration!
  • Our little inn is doing small things to ‘go green’ — beginning with recycling and updating water use appliances, in ways to conserve.

In an About.com survey, green was the favorite color to 16% of the poll, second only to blue, which garnered 19%.

The first person to propose the settlement of a Georgia colony was Robert Montgomery. The name he proposed for the colony? Azilla. Gratefully it is Georgia. Among his first impressions — green!

`Tis beautiful with odoriferous plants, green all the year. Pine, cedar, cypress, oak, elm, ash or walnut with innumerable other sorts, both fruit or timber trees, grow every where so pleasantly, that though they meet at top, and shade the traveller, they are, at the same time, so distant in their bodies, and so free from underwood or bushes, that the deer and other game, which feed in droves along these forests, may be often seen near half a mile between them.

Great greensward” – Forsyth Park open spaces. Greensward: turf that is green with growing grass.