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SAVANNAH Georgia — Why choose our little historic B&B in “jolly little Savannah” (literary great William Makepeace Thackeray’s description of Savannah)? For starters, travel deals or last minute travel deals when you travel south in the USA.

A frugal Savannah trip is to be had at the jolly little” Green Palm Inn, a top-ten bed and breakfast that typifies the cheerful, comforting southern welcome — the kind that one conjures up in the most amazing dreams. [More “Why” below.]

“But, is Savannah really little now?” you may ask. “Yes, in the best kinds of ways!” we answer.

Savannah-born lyricist Johnny Mercer wrote lyrics that went unpublished — “You’re in Savannah!” From the lyrics, one senses that the famous songwriter is personally introducing those little nonsensical-to-endearing places and traits that the famous man-of-Savannah adored. You might stop into the Ellis Square visitors center to hear Michael Feinstein’s rendition to the closely held song. It’s worth the trip! It alone captures the spirit of Savannah in three or four short stanzas. Before you ask — yes, there really is a Moon River.

With those few little travel tips, we hope Green Palm Inn has enticed you  — travel and food editors, writers, travel agents, lifestyle and news producers — to visit Savannah and stay in Savannah at our cozy cottage B&B.

I hate small towns because once you’ve seen the cannon in the park there’s nothing else to do.  — Lenny Bruce

“Not that small,” we add! Savannah’s place in history is still being written; it’s legacy is eons beyond the historic city’s two Revolutionary War cannons given by George Washington to Savannah’s City Fathers.

Small, yes, in the ways that travel professionals and world visitors will adore. Grand in ways that cherished memories are made — getting up close and personal.

Come see why our beautifully classic, artfully historic city has a prominent place on a swelling list of Top Tens!

Additional Info:

Fact Sheet Why our B&B?

Profile, interesting facts about Green Palm Inn and how this little inn is unique, plus fun facts about Savannah.

There is a cosmopolitan spirit that hovers, undeniably. Perhaps that same kind of smartness when city fathers saved the city from the fiery Civil War wrath that destroyed Atlanta — saving the small town’s prized places, the old-style ways, and southern ways of putting one best food forward (in spite of the situation)!

And, the same kind of smartness that British aristocrat and Georgia founder James Oglethorpe used to negotiate with native Indians for 5,000 acres to settle south of the Savannah River.

Today when one steps out from Savannah’s cozy small places like Green Palm Inn’s historic cottage, what he/she discovers is world-famous architecture, a museum to maritime history and the first art museum in The South.  If these places sound stoggey, think again. They are the venues to what is chic and hip in town.

Nearly twenty historic churches are reminders that faith and works brought much of Savannah’s success to pass. Monuments in village greens (called squares in Savannah, and there are 22) honor and thank heroes.

Green Palm Inn in Savannah, Georgia, likes to entertain. And, you’re invited! 

  • Staying in our historic cottage gets the traveler inside … to admire, to enjoy, and to time-travel in the very best ways.
  • Our historic inn has no crowds drinking at the bar. Afternoon wine is complimentary, and served with delightful finger appetizers.
  • Guests and travel professionals may tap into one-on-one “visiting” and southern storytelling with innkeeper Diane McCray. She is one of historic Savannah’s most respected hospitality stars.
  • Our B&B lodging is a treasured way to by-pass the glass and steel, enjoy home cooking, step inside the kitchen for a chat, and bide a while sipping wine under the arbor or people watching in the square.
  • Guests enjoy cozy comforts of our cottage home in a neighborhood that feels like a village — without the ceaseless hotel racquet of busy-street, high volume hotels.
  • Green Palm Inn is embedded into the life of the city — historically, socially and through active tourism circles.
  • We are champs at matching our guest with the best places to see and eat, and the best events — the ones that compliment their interests
  • We are all about cleanliness, quality service and spot-on recommendations.
  • Return guests know that innkeeper Diane will have new things to do and insider tips to please repeat visits.
  • Like people connect here — corporate types, solo travelers, discerning friends and relatives who meet up here, and honeymoon and anniversary couples. They are the exploring travelers, the urban explorers and adventurous Baby Boomers … so much like our well-traveled bed and breakfast’s innkeeper, a former corporate executive innkeeper.