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SAVANNAH Georgia — Give in and be a tourist in one of the top ten, top tourist attractions in USA — Savannah! Be nimble and you’ll love it, especially if you stay at Green Palm Inn — the small inn with top-ten ratings of its own.

Best of all, here you’ll be staying in one of the quiet style, famed places — one of the top-rated historic inns in Savannah GA.  Booking a year in advance, guests arrive even for the more rambunctious days in the city — St. Patrick’s Day in March, and the one-day Rock and Roll Marathon in the fall.

Arrive solo or with friends.  You’re sure to enjoy “jolly, little, friendly Savannah,” – literary great William Makepeace Thackeray’s description of Savannah.

Our historic city is where “you don’t have to function,” someone tells Nik Cohn in his “Sip It Slow” for Conde’ Nast Traveler’s Book of Unforgettable Journeys. This displaced Brit fell in love with the sensuality and languor of Savannah.

“Before I came to Savannah, I’d almost forgotten how good surrender can feel.” Nik Cohn, Sip It Slow.

Located in the extreme height of Old Savannah, yet in the modest style that avoids conspicuousness, even the most fashionable travelers are fully able to appreciate the southern hospitality, homey accommodations, and historic city neighborhood.

  • In our historic American city, see and do the things you don’t have back home.
  • Walk our historical inner-city town — the walkable Savannah Historic District. A beautiful historic mansion is at the end of every walkway.
  • Take in a little exploring, a little wine, a little laughter.
  • Explore art, culinary and culture in the Savannah Historic District.
  • Preview now a few Savannah pictures.

The reliable reputation of Green Palm Inn’s innkeeper Diane McCray precedes her: “Even without speaking, she promises and she is sure to perform,” writes one guest. This fiscal conservative is among those who we are routinely found to be careful, watchful, prompt and exact in matters great and small … a delightful host while you visit Savannah, an historic city with an instinctive attraction.

Once you’ve stayed in Savannah’s downtown historic city and at our historic inn, we believe you’ll be so over Savannah hotels uptown or on the outskirts!

Life is one long weekend… who wouldn’t find that thought intriguing? – Tommy Bahama

Even last minute holiday trips to Georgia’s First City can include healthy walking, running, and biking in one of America’s most flat and walkable cities, cultural sightseeing, top-ten festival events, and Savannah attractions near the inn in the National Landmark Historic District.