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Once Upon A Time, Still! in Savannah, Georgia says Green Palm Inn

Historic Savannah carriage | Photo © Sandy Traub / Green Palm Inn

SAVANNAH Georgia (Update March 17, 2015) — Two replica tall ships from Christopher Columbus’s fleet of three  — The Pinta and The Nina — arrive on the Savannah River waterfront soon! Ship …Continue

Fall Weekend in Savannah: Green Palm Inn’s Small Savannah Bed and Breakfast Likened To A Sweet Pumpkin

Halloween in Savannah | Photo (c) Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast Savannah GA

SAVANNAH Georgia — What a fun thought — Green Palm Inn’s small Savannah bed and breakfast compared to a “Sugar Pie” pumpkin! You can decide during your fall trip to Savannah! “I …Continue

Daily Cameo Role for Small Savannah Inn B&B: Green Palm Inn

B&B inn top Savannah tourism cameo role

SAVANNAH Georgia (August 24, 2013) – Green Palm Inn’s Diane McCray traveled with two Savannah friends last night to see the premier of “Savannah”. The new Indie movie is directed to Annette …Continue

Foodie’s Bucket List Savannah GA Trip

Smiles in Savannah with Girl Scout Cookies

SAVANNAH Georgia — “For foodies, here’s a dozen Savannah food standouts, each worthy of its own bucket list food trip,” says Diane McCray, of the top-rated Green Palm Inn in downtown Savannah. …Continue

A Savannah Small Business Success Story: The Making of New GreenPalmInn.com

A Savannah Small Business Success Story: The Making of New GreenPalmInn.com

SAVANNAH Georgia (May 10, 2013) — The core challenge to change and emerge improved is a mammoth undertaking for big business. For a small tourism business on a 4- or 5-digit budget …Continue

More Innkeeper Seminar News: 2010

More Innkeeper Seminar News: 2010

Each day was a whirl wind of information in Austin. We laughed, grumbled, scratched our heads and cried about things we could or could not do. Everyone provided a wealth of information, …Continue