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Top Savannah Men’s Go-To Places That Spark Gratitude: Business Dining + Vacation Spots

SAVANNAH Georgia — We believe taking a few days away in Savannah can afford a best-places vacation and enhance business travel. More summer vacation ideas include a Father’s Day gift, great anniversary gifts for men, celebration vacation, a birthday gift for men’s weekend, unusual men’s gift, or Valentine’s gift for him.

Why? In Savannah one can easily click into things men like to do — the manly fun, easy relaxation, and outdoor adventures — as well as trends like sight jogging, voluntary simplicity, slow food, tech-life balance, and even slow journalism.

Here are a few of our ideas for 10 Go-To Men’s Places and Things to Do in Savannah!

I am never clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.– Albert Einstein


Sly’s Sliders, Treylor Park, Leopold’s Ice Cream, The Collins, and Sandfly BBQ got big shout outs in the New York Times’ 36 Hours in Savannah feature (June 2015). (Our favorite BBQ ribs are Wiley’s Championship BBQ, 10 minutes from downtown Savannah just off Islands Expressway.) When we dined for lunch recently, some of Savannah’s Who’s Who Executives arrived to Sly’s Sliders in shorts and sock-less, as is the Savannah style fashion along with seersucker suits on Sunday. One can snag some movie-crew food dining at places like Starland Cafe who post catering credits for Dirty Grandpa, Magic Mike XXL, SpongeBob Movie 2) and TV’s Food Network.  Dine at Alligator Soul for smoked Hilbo Steak and premium brand liquors, like the Crown Royal Rye.  Years ago, Ben Affleck’s Porsche was spotted more than once at Tybee Island’s North Beach Grill. Betty Bombers American Grill has a World War II vibe, dished up with canteen-style burgers and fries.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR: Be grateful for delicious, affordable food and atmosphere. And, “When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.” ~Chinese Proverb


The selfie of Zac Efron and his girlfriend document that they were taking a Savannah haunted tour.  Visit Johnson Square, where Sophia Vergara was spotted during the filming of Magic Mike XXL in Savannah.  After sundown last night we spotted three walking tours at once in Wright Square.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR:  Be grateful for an afternoon rain that cools the air and for opportunities to splash in puddles, as you did as a boy. “My socks may not match, but my feet are always warm.” ~Maureen McCullough
Haunted and Walking Tours in Downtown Savannah

Nightlife includes walking and haunted tours in downtown Savannah, GA | This is Wright Square with monument to William Gordon, railroad pioneer.


Stop in for a mustache or beard trim or hair cut at The Barber Pole, where the peppermint pole still twirls brightly at night. Pick up new grooming accessories and fragrance products at Prospector Co. in Savannah. Scheduled for a its debut at Barney’s  Madison Avenue Flagship in New York City, the Savannah-based men’s shop made headlines in the New York Post: “Prospector Co. supplies the salves, creams and elixirs every man requires” (December 2014). Women love the products, too.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR: Be grateful for finding new, little things — some of the simple indulgences to pamper oneself. “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” ~Eric Hoffer, Reflections On The Human Condition

Prospector Co. Mens Toiletries Artisan Savannah GA4. CHECK OUT LEGENDARY MEN’S HATS. 

A few blocks from Green Palm Inn one can walk right into the Goorin Bros.’s men’s hat shop and buy a fedora, Italian flatcap, or Panama straw hat. Walk right around the corner to Ellis Square and you’ll spot a Fedora on the statue of Johnny Mercer, a Savannah native, co-founder of Capitol Records, and songwriter to tunes like Hooray to Hollywood, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive, Days of Wine and Roses, and Moon River.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR:  Be grateful for a first-hand opportunity to tap into granddad and dad’s era with modern day style! “Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~Author Unknown

Hat Shop in Savannah GA Mens5. STOP IN FOR BEER TASTING

There is no shortage of beer spots in Savannah, a city with a pop culture of “to-go cups”. Stop in for beer tasting at the World of Beer, Moon River Brewery,  and The Distillery. Arrange a beer tasting tour at Coastal Empire Beer Company or Service Brewing Company and Southbound Brewing Co.  We have more recommendations for aspirational wine connoisseurs.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR: Be grateful for wind-down, sociable atmospheres. “Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.” ~Edwin Arlington Robinson. Consider buying a stranger a beer!


If you’re in town for a friends’ meet up or a bachelor party, dine on oysters at the newly opened Sorry Charlie’s. You cannot miss the neon sign on Congress Street at Ellis Square, downtown. Bernie’s Oyster House on River Street, and Coco’s at Lazoreto Creek on Tybee Island are two spots we think you enjoy.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR:  Be especially grateful if you’re visiting Savannah during a month with an “R” — January, February, March, April, September, October, November, and December — when fresh oysters are in season.

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Midday church chimes ring through the Bull Street corridor and squares. If you’re so inclined, pause to soak up the beauty on a park bench. Many downtown churches are open for visits, including the majestic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Lafayette Square.  Walking through Troop Square, you’ll see an historic marker near the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, touting that the holiday tune Jingle Bells was written in Savannah by James Pierpont.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR:  We’re grateful for inspirational places and people.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Enjoy the historic architecture, monuments to heroes, and village setting of Savannah while walking or running in the National Landmark Historic District. We know first hand and read that most travelers look for laid back and relaxing trips in 2015. While taking it easy, our guests also want to be healthy, get some exercise and enjoy this beautiful, walking city. Why is Georgia’s first city so popular for walking and running? Savannah features mostly flat terrain, until you run the annual bridge run, the ramps on the Savannah River bluff, or crisscross the metropolis running in the Rock N Roll Savannah Marathon (November 7-8, 2015)!

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR: We’re grateful for determination to stay active!

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9. TAKE TO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN! Go fishing from Bull River Marina and then let the Flying Fish Restuarant cook up your catch. Go scuba diving at NOAA’s Grey Reef. Go surfing, kayaking, standup surfboarding, or parasailing off Tybee Island beach. Moonlit beach photography is popular in the dark sky and flat beach, a 20-minute drive from downtown Savannah.

  • GRATUTIDE FACTOR:  Somebody local will help you do something fun and new!

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Diane Crews at Green Palm Inn takes pride in her manly breakfasts (crafted to avoid food allergies and dietary restrictions). “Executives tell me they love this bed and breakfast experience at Green Palm Inn, especially after so many nights at glass and steel, national brand hotel trips,” adds Diane.

  • GRATITUDE FACTOR: Be grateful for finding THE favorite-aunt model for your next big novel. She’s at Green Palm Inn.
B&B recipes for 4th of July in Savannah GA | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Green Palm Inn for B&B’s 4th of July picnic in historic Savannah GA downtown — Greene Square.

Men, Green Palm Inn will help you to take more spontaneous trips here — the kind to stimulate gratitude — in beautiful, lively Savannah!

Ok, we’re busted! Recently, we’ve tapped into #gratitude research, a term tracked by WordSpy. So, we have added a GRATITUDE FACTOR for good measure in this post. We know really good people who advocate Gratitude Journals; and, to make it easy, we found an iPhone Gratitude ap ($1.99 via iTunes. Might be interesting to try a digital means of counting our blessings for a Savannah GA trip or any time. Just a thought.

Innkeeper/co-owner Diane Crewes touts Green Palm Inn (circa 1897) as “The Softer Side of Savannah”. Originally sea captain cottages, the four-room Gingerbread Classic B&B shares cottage-inn comforts in the quiet of Greene Square’s residential neighborhood in the National Landmark Historic District. Fodor’s guide calls Green Palm Inn a “pleasing little discovery” and “a little gem of an inn”. BedandBreakfast.com named the cottage B&B a top pick for a holiday trip – “Top 10 B&Bs for the Holidays, 2011″. For more information: GreenPalmInn.com; Email GreenPalmInn@aol.com, telephone toll free in USA 888/606-9510, local and international 912/447-8901, 548 East President Street, Savannah, GA USA 31401. Twitter @GreenPalmInn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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