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Get Carried Away! A Savannah GA Mini-break holiday — Downsize & Take a Little Downtime!

USA mini break or holiday Savannah GA USA at Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast

Green Palm Inn Mini-break in Savannah GA

Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast in Savannah, Georgia USA practices what it preaches about changing the pace and taking mini-breaks.  Innkeeper Diane McCray takes full advantage of a little downtime to try new things.

Insider Tip: For a really affordable get away, take off  in low season to add even more practicality to a mini-breakLow season travel is a grand idea also to downsize the expense, yet still take important time to refresh and relax!

Low season in Savannah, Georgia USA is  July, August, September, January, and February.

Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast innkeeper Diane McCray likes to getaway, too! ” I look for things new and fresh inside the Savannah Historic District and beyond,” shares Diane.  “The little mini-social at Cha Bella’s recent Heirloom Tomato Festival, for example, was both an introduction to the latest trends in organic farm to table dining and an enjoyable mini-break that features Savannah’s fresh, local and seasonal cuisine.”

Then it came to us that idea of scaling down is really a way of life!  Simply consider a series of wonderful Savannah “mini” ideas!

  • Small plates | Jazz’d Tapa Bar, or Alligator Soul
  • Small bite | Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, Harris Baking Co., or Leopold’s Ice Cream shop (recently named among top 10 in the world!)
  • Miniature desserts | Green Palm Inn’s afternoon dessert table (exclusive to the inn’s guests), or a Trio of Desserts at  SCAD’s Gryphon Tea Room
  • Short tours | Old Savannah Trolley (2 hours), pub crawl, historic district museum walks, night out in a Savannah square, or art hop
  • Short road trip | A 20-minute drive from Savannah to Tybee Island or Cumberland Island National Seashore on the Georgia Coast. Beginning August 11, 2011, the National Park Service (USA) will begin providing guided tours of Cumberland Island in passenger vans and open air trams to historic locations around the seashore.

It’s refreshing just to chat about what Americans call a 3-day weekend, or last minute getaway.   In British terms — mini-breaks and long weekends — the idea seems fresh, perhaps even making it seem achievable as the very short vacation it really is.   Don’t you think it’s delightful to shift the conversation to UK chatter, even briefly?!

At GreenPalmInn (decorated with British-Colonial interior touches) we serve wine as a “sundowner” — a colloquial term in British English — an alcoholic drink enjoyed usually at sundown.

•    activity holiday*: a holiday in which you can do a lot of sports and other activities

•    be/get carried away: to become so excited about something that you do not control what you say or do

•    busman’s holiday: a holiday where you do something similar to your usual work instead of having a rest from it

•    downtime: [informal] time when your relax and do not do very much

•    high season: the time of year when the greatest number of people visit a place and when the prices are at their highest level

•    holiday: a time, often one or two weeks, when someone does not go to work or school but is free to do what they want, such as travel or relax

•    holiday camp: a place where people on holiday can stay and different types of entertainment are provided for them

•    holidaymaker: a person who is on holiday away from where they usually live

•    hols: UK informal for holiday

•    long weekend: Saturday and Sunday with at least one extra day of holiday added, either Friday or Monday

•    low season: the period in the year when the fewest number of people visit a place and when the prices are at their lowest level

•    mini-break: a very short holiday

•   off-season: a period of the year when there is less activity in business

•    public holiday: a day when almost everyone in a particular country does not have to go to work or school (i.e., New Year’s Day)

•    staging post: a place where stops are regularly made on long journeys

•    the holiday season: the period around Christmas and New Year

*Definitions from Cambridge Dictionaries.

We hope by now you are carried away thinking about your mini-holiday or mini-break in Savannah at Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast!  Give us a call (888) 606-9510, or email GreenPalmInn@aol.com.  Click into our chatter on Twitter @GreenPalmInn and Facebook.

Copyright (c) 2011 Green Palm Inn / Sandy Traub.

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