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“Let’s Walk!” Encourages Savannah Innkeeper, An Avid Walker

Savannah walking shopping in historic district | Photo (c) Sandy Traub. Used with permission.

Walking Savannah. Shopping. Dining.

SAVANNAH Georgia (August 1, 2012) — “Walk Savannah through the trees!” says avid walker and historic B&B innkeeper Diane McCray from Green Palm Inn.

Let life get more personable. Take a slower pace.  Do more than imagine the scenic views in Savannah — America’s most beautiful city.

Walk under the canopy of Live Oak trees. Pass colorful Crepe Myrtles and fragrant Confederate Jasmine, while recalling America’s heroic, historic, and character-rich tales.

What is it about the people of the south … passing along sidewalks or in cafes, nodding their friendly hello? One does not want to miss soaking up this wonderland of southern charm in Savannah, Georgia USA!

“In Edith Wharton’s novels, walks are important. Characters walk for exercise. They walk for entertainment. And if you’re staying at a country house, you take a walk. Walks can be sexy.” — Source: Frisbee – A Book Journal

Staying in the seamen’s cottages of Green Palm Inn may remind one of a country house.

Tourists would be smack dab in the inner village of Old Savannah — one of the best places on Earth to live, visit, and lodge.  We think Savannah’s walkable city is an important enticement, part of the historically friendly spirit in this Hostess City of the South!

“If trees could talk, the stories they’d tell….”
– Source:  City of Savannah web site.

‘Let’s walk!’ is the familiar phrase from Green Palm Inn’s Diane McCray, an avid walker.

In spite of early mornings, getting breakfast ready by 7:00 a.m.  Irregardless of grocery shopping and crisscrossing downtown to accommodate rose bouquets and special chocolates for the inn’s guests 365/7.  This breakfast inn’s on-the-go innkeeper chooses to walk as much as practical.

“We had a late afternoon meeting on the opposite side of the Landmark Savannah Historic District from Green Palm Inn,” shares marketing executive Sandy Traub. “Diane tells me she will walk and meet me there.  That may not seem extraordinary, until you know it was one of the hottest days of the year!  She’s fearless!”

Visitors adore Savannah’s ‘Let’s walk!’ appeal.

And, real estate professionals love to tout the benefits.

“To put it plainly, despite our love affair with the automobile, Americans enjoy taking to the streets, sidewalks, paths, and courtyards of a place to get a coffee, relax, and take in the sights and sounds. And, according to NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive and first quantitative walkable score index, the Savannah City Center neighborhood is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in America.”  — Source: NeighborhoodScout.com

One mesmerized tourist in Forsyth Park voiced it: “There’s a mansion at the end of every walkway!”  It is no wonder then that Walking Magazine named Savannah to the top of its America’s Best Walking Cities list!

Livestrong.com erroneously points to limited Savannah parking as the reason people walk.  Parking decks are sprinkled throughout the historic district.  Correctly, however, they point to “more than 30 agencies that specialize in walking tours.”

So, ‘Let’s walk!’ and imagine the tales the trees will tell.  Stroll and shop in less frenzied, genteel style along city sidewalks during late Friday nights (when shops open until 9:00 p.m.) and for Christmas holidays.  Crisscross the historic district in the spirit of a village outing when attending the Savannah Music Festival (March 21 – April 6, 2013) or Savannah Tour of Homes (March 21 – 24, 2013).

Walk and pause.  Visit Savannah not only for its stories and beauty, but take Savannah to heart by walking.  Green Palm Inn is one of those mansions at the end of the walkway.

Diane McCray, Innkeeper & Foodie
Green Palm Inn
Cozy and historic bed and breakfast
548 East President Street, Savannah, GA USA 31401
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Copyright (c) 2012 Sandy Traub/Green Palm Inn.

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