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Top 10 Things To Do in Savannah Summer 2013

Savannah sunset cruise | Bull River Marina. Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Sunset Cruise Tour from Bull River Marina,  Savannah GA USA

SAVANNAH Georgia (May 8, 2013) — It is no wonder that B&B travel reviews posted on TripAdvisor.com praise Green Palm Inn among the top-rated bed and breakfasts in Savannah.

In addition to cozy lodging and gourmand breakfasts, innkeeper Diane McCray gives answers right off the top of her head for the Top 10 Things to Do in Savannah.  This time she shares the top 10 things to do in Savannah summer 2013.

Not to challenge the late Mr. Apple’s enticing viewpoint, we choose simply to stretch his report of Savannah’s outdoor fame beyond the sweetly fragrance gardens to take in the salty air! The Savannah area is awash with tidewaters and outdoor things to do near Savannah and Tybee Island.

“Like New Orleans and Charleston, Savannah dances to languid rhythms. In the humidity of high summer, the mood becomes even drowsier, as residents retreat to their jasmine-scented gardens.” – R.W. Apple, Jr., Apple’s America

Beach dining at North Beach Grill, Tybee Island near Savannah

Beach dining near Savannah at North Beach Grill, Tybee Island GA

For a Savannah trip in summer 2013, Diane encourages to get out on the waterways. “Take in the natural beauty laced with heritage, peasant foods, and maritime traditions along the Georgia coast near Savannah,” Diane encourages.  Where to stay? Of course, our answer is Green Palm Inn.

1. Bull River Marina sunset cruise. Set out for a quiet, peaceful 2-hour tour that takes in the spectacular setting of the on the Georgia coast. On the early minutes of the cruise Captain “Gator” Hill (quite the storyteller) shares back stories of history near Bull River, Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island and learn a tad about the natural, romantic dance of nature during in the ebb and flow of the tidewaters.  The small, laid back marina is located on beautiful Wilmington Island, about half way between Savannah and Tybee Island.  After the cruise we recommend dinner at Coco’s Sunset Grille — a best kept secret for seafood and on-the-water local vibes (Lazaretto Creek, Tybee Island).

Bethdsday Garden and organic farm Savannah GA | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Organic farm foods fresh from Bethesda Farm, Savannah Georgia

2. Backstory Savannah Tour© with Phil Sellers, Old City Walks. “We admire how this character-rich broadcast- and tour professional sets the scene, spinning authentic tales of Savannah in his entertaining, mystery-teller’s style,” says Diane. Here’s an example of Phil setting the stage: “As the sands of change shift beneath Savannah a glimpse behind the gray bricks of a city ensconced in its hallowed history reveals what millions who flock to the city’s fairyland timelessness never see….”

3. Backyard dining at Cha Bella. “Think farm to table and you’ll come to think as we do: Cha Bella specializes in the organic peasant foods of The South,” states Diane.  What a treat to enjoy outdoor dining, tasting the “delicious, organic, and seasonal fare” served outdoors (as well as indoors) only a short walk from Green Palm Inn.  Cha Bella is a haven for the vegetarian, and lovers of seafood and grass-fed beef.

Tybee Lighthouse Tybee Island GA | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Tybee Lighthouse, Tybee Island Georgia

4. Savannah Canoe and Kayak tour. If we were not already fascinated by these tour professionals, this kayak tour review would convince us: “We showed up at the beach at 9am, the kayaks lined up and ready to go. Twenty minutes later we were paddling among a family of dolphins. Thanks for a fantastic outing.” Neil Baker, U.K.

5. Tybee beach stroll, (6) Lighthouse tour with (7) sunset dinner (or Sunday buffet) at North Beach Grill. Eclectic Tybee Island is where you’ll discover one of America’s oldest lighthouses (278 steps to the top), complemented by small houses that complete the historic light station.

Southern seafood near Savannah GA  at North Beach Grill Tybee Island  Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Crab cakes and sweet potato fries with balsmic sauce | North Beach Grill, Tybee Island, GA.

Between the lighthouse and the beach is North Beach Grill, serving “an eclectic fusion with Caribbean flair”. Tybee Island’s miles of flat public beaches are a ‘must do’ any time of year, but especially in summer when migrating birds stop over.

8. Make it a progressive Thursday night out … Bucky ‘n Barry music in City Market, Trea Gurley at Jazz’d, and light dinner at B&D Burgers in the courtyard.  B&D Burger has a 3-lb. burger challenge. Eat it in 35 minutes and the meal is free.

10. Pin Point Heritage Museum tour. The African-American fishing village of Pin Point overlooks the marshes of Moon River.  Going to river for seafood, the locals who live at Pin Point say they never go hungry.

For authenticity, the museum is located in a re-purposed oyster and crab factory. Pin Point is home to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who spoke at the museum’s opening. The humble village is the beloved home to many descendants of freed slaves, some who still speak “Geechee”or “Gullah”.  Curious about the sound? Listen to a sample of Aunt Pearly Sue telling “The Gullah version of The Night Before Christmas“.

Among the grace notes at Green Palm Inn  are sensational local culture tips! Don’t you agree?  Let us know when you are ready to head our Savannah way!

Copyright (c) 2013 Green Palm Inn / Sandy Traub

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