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Bask in the Spirit of Savannah! Historic Inn + Social, Fun Vibe

SAVANNAH, Georgia USA — It takes community and people to nurture the spirit of Savannah and revel in the Savannah story! Green Palm Inn is happy to be a tourism star in Savannah, Georgia USA where one may amble or rollick, digress or forecast!

Savannah makes the BEST list! “The South’s Best Cities 2017“, Southern Living

Savannah Smiles Cookies | Photo courtesy of Sandy Traub

Savannah cookies, “Savannah Smiles” and “Daisies for Daisy” PR campaign at the popular Leopold’s Ice Cream shop near Green Palm Inn. The lemony “Savannah” Girl Scout cookies are a nod to Girl Scout’s founder, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low’s hometown where the organization was founded.

Our ideas are, at the core, a southern conversation about the spirit of Savannah. We believe that spirit  encompasses multiples, conscientiously — a visual gumbo of multiple happenings, a cobbling of social people, a melding of new and old, classic and contemporary, muted and bright.

A “Colorful Pageant” entitled “Spirit of Savannah” was presented to “tell of Savannah’s Wonderful Achievements and Proud History.” Source: The Technique of Pageantry by Linwood Taft, 1919

Note: Our conversation here, themed The Spirit of Savannah follows the A-Z model that retired marketing executive Sandy Traub crafted for Tybee Island’s Lighthouse Inn — “Why Tybee Island, GA“. With permission from Sandy, we point to a few mix-and-match wonders amid Savannah’s wonderful phenomena!

10 BEST Summer Vacation Hotspots That Will Save You Money This Year” — Harper’s Baazar, February 19, 2017

A – Antebellum ambiance and affection. TripAdvisor turns the spotlight on Savannah vacations with this headline: “Charming Savannah is the picture of antebellum hospitality….” We add, “laced with affection for our beautiful surrounds”.

B – BEST and Bookish to bodacious. Baffling isn’t it? … that the vibe of one city can hit the BEST travel lists, all-the-while stretching and dancing through the landscape of diverse attitudes and interests!  ExploreGeorgia.org points to Sly’s Sliders & Fries for bodacious burgers. The phenomenally attended and successful Savannah Book Festival happens in February. The Georgia Historic Society (Whitaker Street at Gaston) was founded in Savannah. Genealogists travel here to research history and heritage. The historic public library buildings are vintage Carnegie Libraries, including the first built for blacks (Henry Street near East Broad).

The Spirit of Savannah at Collins Quarter | Photo Sandy Traub. Used with permission

Outdoor cafes like the popular Collins Quarter on Bull Street catch the Spirit of Savannah in social conversations, landscape and historic architecture.

C – Cobbled Together! Local Savannah is a deliciously rich international experience. Heritage festivals and southern foods — products of diverse culinary contributions — are ongoing happenings.  Restaurant and artisan cafe menus all around town showcase this southern city’s rich cultural heritages, year around!

D – Deliciously dipped to devotely daisylike! From chocolate dipped caramel and pecan turtles to the legendary Girl Scouts organization’s founder Juliette “Daisy” Gordon,  there is so much of what’s desirable, dandy, and domestic to encompass the full of drama of Savannah. You’ll be riveted in unique, local experiences and conversations!

E – Elegant to evangelic, the historic churches and synagogue in downtown Savannah anchor the citizenry, welcoming ‘strangers’ into the magnificent places of worship.  Opera, chamber concerts, holiday music, and weddings are hosted, elevating events and exciting attendees with elegance they had not expected.

F – Farm-Fresh. Farm-fresh comes full circle in Savannah, Georgia (est. 1733). The colonial-era essential vegetable farm lands planted and colonists ate farm fresh produce. In 21st Century Savannah, farm-to-table dining is more than a national trend! Popular cafes and restaurants serve day-boat fish and local seafood, plus farmer-delivered produce. Even Green Palm Inn takes part in fresh + local, as much as practical.

Historic Savannah Springtime in Greene Square. Photo Nancy Heffernan/Green Palm Inn. All rights reserved.

Savannah springtime in historic Greene Square

G – Green and evergreen! Discovering what is green in Savannah‘s beautifully vibrant, green city is a whimsical endeavor.  Our green list and a couple more lists — small places, little cozy spots — keep us on the lookout for what’s new to do, what’s fresh to eat in Savannah, GA USA for your next trip here.

Try Shamrock Shortbread and Celtic Key Lime Cookers (green!) from Byrd Cookies!

H – Happenstance and serendipity add to the fun of a Savannah, Georgia visit. Travelers happen upon an outdoor wedding in a public square. Springtime visitors happen upon lively heritage and food festivals, celebrity spotting, filming on movie locations about town, and happy hours with unexpected food and beverage tastings.

I – Imaginations. Savannah is a place to connect things! Innkeeper Diane McCray Crews is a magician to connect your interests in imaginative ways in Savannah. Steve Jobs talks about creativity. “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

J – Jukebox Journey performances at the historic Savannah Theatre, and karaoke bars tap into what’s retro, once-upon-a-time and spontaneous and musical in Savannah. The historic Savannah Theatre — the oldest theatre in continual use in America — is where to find fun-loving, professional, engagingly interactive music. Southern entertainment includes music; those are synonymous with Savannah!

Savannah Theatre music | Photo Sandy Traub. Used with permission.

Historic Savannah Theatre performances deliver ambiance and entertainment says Green Palm Inn B&B

K – Kayaking in one way to take in the coastal Georgia outdoors and hinderlands by water! Savannah is a seaside town, only a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Outdoor sports include canoeing, charter fishing, jet ski, kiteboarding / kitesurfing, paddleboarding  / paddle surfing or stand up paddle surfing,  parasail  (Hilton Head Island, SC), sailing (full day mentions Cockspur Lighthouse picnic option), scuba diving, sea kayaking, surf kayaking, and windsurfing.

L – Lucky Savannah is a topic we began highlighting in 2012. “How lucky Savannah is!… Lucky in its founder…. Lucky in its escape from pillage during the Civil War…. Lucky in its bad luck as well. A century of postbellum poverty–not really poverty, I suppose, more a lack of prosperity — made it hard for the greedy to redevelop the charm out of the city in the dread name of progress.” — the late R. W. Apple, Jr., Associate editor of The New York Times in “Apple’s America“.

M- Milestones of age, events, happenings show on the face of Savannah’s landscapes and architecture. Lifetime milestones for travelers — like anniversaries, weddings, engagements, birthdays — are celebrated joyfully in Savannah, a place where happy milestones continue to be made.

N – Novels to nutbrown. Authors writing to describe the aroma of southern pralines,  with Georgia pecans, in fiction novels have a challenge! It’s easier to visit and taste at River Street Sweets or Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, both located on River Street.

O – Olympic legacy. Oddly overlooked is Savannah’s participation in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Savannah and Tybee Island hosted the sailing / yachting competition.  Yachtsman Walter Cronkite came to host the opening events held on the River Street plaza. To honor its Olympic heritage, local artist Ivan Bailey sculpted the Olympic Caldron, which resides on the east river walk plaza, overlooking the Savannah River. One may spot the caldron location in the movie “Forrest Gump”.

Southern recipes from Anna Shuman Connor Hertitage Collection © Sandy Traub

Picnic Society (example) in the National Landmark Historic District near an historic church, Independent Presbyterian Church where U.S. President Woodrow Wilson married his Savannah bride,  Ellen Louise Axson.

P – Picnic Society and Pace. One traveler talks about “The Pace: Our time in Savannah was all about slowing way down. We strolled. We sat. We watched. We lingered….”  We suggest a picnic! In colonial years, for an outdoor picnic or parade, citizens rolled and unfurled their household carpet!

Q – Quirky and artsy!  Uniquely, Savannah is a city renown for embracing new ideas in the arts. Art galleries dot City Market and River Street. Mansion museums crisscross the National Landmark Historic District. Modern art museums are at SCAD Museum of Art, and Jepson Center (Telfair Square). Yes, the city may be slow to change, but the melding of classic, modern, and quirky arts — sculpting, glass, music, paintings, murals — seem to find comfortable residence here. Art is not just on the walls! Check chalk sidewalk art at Sidewalk Art Festival in Forsyth Park (April 29, 2017), or Sand Art Festival at Tybee Island (May 12, 2017)

R – Romantic Rebel. Yes, the city was a rebel during the Civil War, in squabbles over Prohibition and what to name the connecting bridge to South Carolina, and ways to keep Savannah true to the world famous city plan (layout and landscape). Duels of honor are included in the folk lore and southern stories of rebelling men. Romantic, picturesque scenes with Live Oak canopies seemingly spar for space with the palm trees, affording a nature’s landscape for a backdrop to elegant weddings that photographers adore year around.

S – “Softer Side of Savannah” – Green Palm Inn is a small historic inn, eager to introduce the  smaller artisan cafes and local shops, cocktail spots and pubs, “Savannah through the trees” — a picturesque way of seeing Savannah afresh — and cozy lodging with caring, personal attention.  Green Palm Inn is only 4-bedrooms, each with a private bath. Amenities include a gourmand breakfast, afternoon finger desserts, wine hour with light hors d’oeuvres, parking, and in-room beverages.  The spirit of Savannah resides here!

Gottlieb Baker desserts | Photo Sandy Traub. Used with permission.

Foodies’ talk of the town: Famous Gottlieb Jewish bakery in Savannah GA to re-open in Spring 2017

T – Talkative! Southerners speak and nod to strangers, and love to tell stories (evidenced by the number of tour guides and companies).  Some locals — even bartenders, waiters or waitresses — may need encouragement to take a breath between thoughts. Try sitting (or picnicking) on a park bench to explore how this phenomena rolls out in real time.

U – UP! Upstairs, uptown, and upmarket only begin to tap the ways that urbanized Savannah does UP! Entry level to old homes is upstairs, parlor level — the second floor. Before paved streets, dusty streets kept street level rooms in homes too dusty for company (visitors)! Broughton Street, Savannah City Market, and Bull Street host upscale boutiques, antique shops, and local products, including Byrd’s Cookies, shopSCAD, and Ray Ellis Gallery.

V – Vibe. Too often we forget important insights, as from this traveler: “Honestly, it’s not so much about the ‘things to see’ in Savannah, it’s more about just absorbing the vibe. It is quaint and southern and romantic and beautiful all rolled into one. After a summer of non-stop museums and theme-parks and attractions, it was refreshing to be someplace that had no timetable. Where we could just enjoy the open public spaces and I could watch the light changing and take pictures ….”

W – Welcoming. “We have a BIG southern welcome waiting at ‘little’ Green Palm Inn,” announces innkeeper Diane McCray Crews.  Yes, Green Palm Inn exudes the spirit of Savannah!

X – X-traordinary city, founded in MDCCXXXIII, Roman numbers for 1733.

Savannah video underway under Live Oak trees in Savannah's Chippewa Square -c- Sandy Traub

Video in progress under the Chippewa Square’s Live Oak trees in downtown Savannah GA’s historic district.

Y – Yummy and youngish, for a city over 200 years old, y’all!

Z – Zany and zealous! The spirit of Savannah is much like a cross-section of the world, made famous in southern literature and shared daily in the slow-drawl of the USA south’s southern conversation.

We invite you to getaway soon and often, of course, with your stay at the cozy Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast on historic Greene Square.

Featured on Wheel of Fortune, Innkeeper/co-owner Diane McCray Crews touts Green Palm Inn (circa 1897) as “The Softer Side of Savannah”. Originally sea captain cottages, the four-room Gingerbread Classic B&B shares cottage-inn comforts in the quiet of Greene Square’s residential neighborhood in the National Landmark Historic District. Fodor’s guide calls Green Palm Inn a “pleasing little discovery” and “a little gem of an inn”. BedandBreakfast.com named the cottage B&B a top pick for a holiday trip – “Top 10 B&Bs for the Holidays, 2011″. For more information: GreenPalmInn.com; Email GreenPalmInn@aol.com, telephone toll free in USA 888/606-9510, local and international 912/447-8901, 548 East President Street, Savannah, GA USA 31401. Twitter @GreenPalmInn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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