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A Little Cottage Inn, On-trend in #Savannah GA USA Pumps More Ways to “Enjoy Yourself!” Into New Web Site — GreenPalmInn.com

Unsolicited guest reviews, social media, and a new web site for little Green Palm Inn – greenpalminn.com — are credited with resounding confidence from travelers. “I want to stay with you. What dates do you have available?” That trust puts a smile on the face of one passionate aunt-like innkeeper, Diane McCray in Savannah, Georgia USA.  

Bed and Breakfast web site design Savannah Georgia USA

Web site design | Green Palm inn Savannah Georgia USA

SAVANNAH Georgia (March 30, 2013) — There’s no reason to wait for a bucket list when one can simply enjoy a fulfilled wish list when traveling any day to Savannah. The southern USA city is a popular America’s Favorite Cities destination according to Travel+Leisure magazine and Green Palm Inn is top-rated in on the mega-travel site, TripAdvisor.com.

Showcasing “the softer side of Savannah”™  little Green Palm Inn – a cozy four-bedroom breakfast inn in the National Landmark Historic District – has traveler priorities covered.  “The challenge in a web site is how to convey our wonderful experience,” says the aunt-like innkeeper who is up at 5:30 a.m. to personally cook breakfast for eight or nine guests daily.

For those regional and international travelers who choose to stay at Green Palm Inn, originally two seamen’s cottages, it’s about immersing for a few days or a week into what’s fascinating about Savannah, complimented with delightfully homespun hospitality. 

“This corporate executive turned innkeeper has the passion to please that one sees only in a doting aunt or grandmother. She has the tenacious efficiency behind the scenes of a professional scheduler and facilitator,” says marketing executive Sandy Traub. “Who wouldn’t want to stay a few fun- and valued-filled days with Diane at Green Palm Inn?”


According to Gadling and the 2013 Luxe Report released by travel network Virtuoso, travel trends are (1) seeking authentic experiences in new destinations; (2) rest and relaxation; (3) personal enrichment; (4) seeking adventure; and (4) spending time or reconnecting with loved ones.

Leaving snowy Michigan for a sunny, popular southern USA destination, Diane has been ahead of the curve, the North Star to hundreds of Savannah travelers each year.  She has riveted out and shares more personal priorities.

“The fireplace in the bathroom is a fun footnote in the journals of cousins and girlfriends who welcome the inn’s suite that sleeps three.  After enjoying a big breakfast, stopping in for snacks and beverages during the day, then wine and hors d’oeuvres around 5:00 p.m., their B&B stay at Green Palm Inn is a bargain. Their savings means they can enjoy an extra dolphin tour adventure or that one-of piece of jewelry from ShopSCAD, hand made by an art student boutique shopping. Identifying a dependable, friendly face, the solo traveler adores the safety of knowing someone is on-premise to know he/or she has returned from an evening out on the town.  Couples simply enjoy a worry free getaway in a cozy place.  Business travelers welcome the home cooked food and the happy alternative from glass and steel hotels.”

Eager also to please journalists, editors and producers, the little inn’s web site reaches out to spotlight its readiness to help tell a Savannah travel story with professional photos, video b-roll, and fresh story ideas.


The ‘jolly, little, friendly Savannah’* spots — the upbeat local places to eat, see, explore, and lodge.  Diane shares a clever orientation path that encourages guests to walk (or alternatively take a pedi-cab) to discover the vibe of the city and what’s of interest on any given day.

“Our old little html web site worked hard for roughly six years.  If we don’t tell our story better every day, who will?” Diane asks. “I’m glad we were brave enough to let more of our personality shine through.”

Early reports are that the personality-rich web site has been worth the investment for this small business.  Professional photography and videography are by Guy Smith at Popcorn Octane LLC in Hilton Head Island, SC. Photographer James Byous provided many city-size visuals. Interiors of the inn are by Adam Kuehl. Based on a WordPress ® platform, the web site was developed by Nicasio LLC.  Marketing executive Sandy Traub leads the inn’s the strategic brand positioning and integrated media.

Yes, Green Palm Inn’s Diane McCray invites you to a new travel destination in America’s coastal southlands.

“When you’re ready, get away!  Enjoy yourself at Green Palm.  We’ll help you to see and do memorable things in Savannah, Georgia USA.”

 # # #

Copyright (c) 2013 Green Palm Inn / Sandy Traub

*It was English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray, one of America’s most beloved Brits, who wrote of “jolly, little, friendly Savannah.” Best known for his novel, Vanity Fair, Thackeray was ranked second only to Charles Dickens during the Victorian era. Thackeray was a friend and Savannah house guest of the Scotland-born cotton merchant, Andrew Low, who was considered the most wealthy man in Savannah, Georgia in 1847.

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