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Jolly Little Savannah! Savannah through the lens of her adoring visitors.

SAVANNAH Georgia USA (originated by Green Palm Inn on April 28, 2010) — In Savannah, it’s a time-honored southern tradition to welcome, include and engage guests to our home, neighborhood and city.

As one of the social and cultural centerpieces of Savannah society, our little historic Savannah inn eagerly anticipates each Savannah visitor. It shouldn’t be surprising that as we engage Savannah traveler-photographers each of us can join in and see how our visitors see Savannah … what is real and what is captivating.

We thank each of the accomplished and generous photographers for pointing out Savannah’s uniqueness, as experienced during personal, creative moments in Savannah.

These beautiful Savannah pictures capture specifics of daily life in Savannah. Green Palm Inn will help you too, to discover Savannah’s best places – on and off the beaten path.

Savannah visitors view our beautiful historic city with new eyes, capturing in their Savannah pictures the familiar figures and Savannah scenes that locals may take for granted. Savannah tourists appreciate the historic district — the walking distance from everything — the gentlefolk and pigeons in the park, sweet tea, historic motifs and Savannah style décor. They hang out in Savannah squares or City Market, shop art galleries and boutiques, seek out haunted places, dine in timeless restaurants, and enjoy impromptu cuppa Joe, tea or wine tastings in chic places.

Savannah offers natural beauty spots where the scenery is not fabricated. The whole Savannah historic district is very walker-friendly, with an historic square every other block, restored architecture and mansions — modernized on the inside — beautifying the landscapes.

Come. Explore. Enjoy. Capture for yourself the more intimate side of Savannah — the experience-it-if-you-can slices of Americana in the Deep South. Here the classic-to-eclectic town-people keep alive the old Savannah way of life, right alongside the contemporary, modern way of living. Enjoy a little 5- or 10-minute walk to great Savannah shopping, Savannah dining, Savannah art, Savannah music, Savannah theater and Savannah business.

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