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Springtime in Savannah

Tonight we have had more rain than we’ve had in the last 5 years I’ve been in Savannah!  That means we will have more beautiful flowers this year than any other since October 2003. For that I am thankful.

Historic Savannah Springtime in Greene Square. Photo Nancy Heffernan/Green Palm Inn. All rights reserved.

Savannah Springtime in Greene Square

Savannah is a beautiful city and you may never discount the gardens hidden away in every nook and cranny. Walk the streets and lanes and you will see more than you could ever have imagined. That is the very reason I live here.  Beauty, quirkiness, opportunity, art and friendliness will find you at each turn. Come to enjoy my city and you will never be disappointed. Green Palm Inn can show you the opportunities of our beautiful little Savannah!

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