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Spring Weddings in Greene Square, Savannah, GA

Our weather in Savannah Georgia has changed dramaticly this spring season. We are much warmer than usual and the flowers have come out in full force. Beautiful Greene Square is no exception. Since our Green Palm Inn, a Savannah B&B, sits just off the square, we have a great opportunity to witness the simple little weddings of the spring time here in Savannah. Last Saturday was no exception!

Foliage in Greene Square

Beautiful foliage in Greene Square

A small Disney wedding was complete with beautiful weather, great friends, horse and carriage, precocious ring bearer and wonderful music.  The local wedding planner, Sheree Gloss, took care of the seating set up and decorations in the square for the day. Simple beauty was off set by the glowing foliage and the sweet natural aromas of spring time.

Bridal Party arriving at Greene Square

Spring time wedding party at Greene Square

The wedding party arrived by Old Savannah open air trolley just a few moments prior to the bride’s entrance. While the guests and parents of the bridal couple were seated, chamber Disney music was being played at the west side of the square. How cool is that? Disney music in Greene Square!! What would Nathaniel Greene think?  What about General Sherman who declared 40 acres and a mule to freed slaves in this very spot?

Here comes the Bride

Here come the Bride

Enter the lovely Bride of the day in her magical carriage. As she rounded the corner of the square with many univited onlookers excitedly taking pictures, her family was ecstatic! They clapped, waved and shouted to both the bride and her son, the ring bearer. Her stately horse and carriage magicly brought her to the point of carriage departure and she glided into position to walk the petaled grassy aisle. How beautiful!  The ring bearer performed his duty smoothly at that point. I am sure everyone was on pins and needles for his performance. Vows were next on the agenda and the minister was on que with his prompts. Neatly written personal vows were exchanged by the bride and groom, then it was time for the anticipated performance. Enter the ring bearer. He ran around the stately oak tree 3 or 4 times with his grandmother sheepishly trying to coax him back to his assigned position. Nothing worked, so he was left to play for the remainder of the ceremony. Just another Disney kind of day!!!

Savannah is absolutely “The Best Venue” for an outdoor wedding. We are truly blessed here at Green Palm Inn sitting just off of  Greene Square here in Savannah, GA. Where else can you have so much fun crashing a stranger’s very special day wedding day and get away with it? Come join us when you can. We invite you to stay here at Green Palm Inn anytime you come to Savannah, Georgia

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