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Savannah, GA Style 4th of July Celebration

Savannah Fireworks Photo (c) Mike Richard. Used with permission.

Savannah Fireworks

What fun!  Walking around our beautiful city yesterday gave you a sense of Savannah Style. The weather was perfect, bright sunny and not too warm. People everywhere; down on River Street, City Market and in the Squares. Chairs, blankets, grills and lots of laughs making you feel warm and welcome. Everyone was reminiscing and waiting for the magical moment of the first firework bursting over the Savannah Riverfront.

We even had a firecracker wedding party here at the Green Palm Inn. Just a perfect time to get married. Imagine what that wedding would have been like during the American Revolutionary War period!  Perhaps on a battlefield or in the local church.

Could you ask for a better day that our beautiful summer holiday in historic Savannah, GA?  I think not, only if we had all of our troops back home. Then it would have been the perfect celebration.

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