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Retirement Celebration at Cilantro Grill & Cantino

Cilantro Grill and CantinaWhat a great night for a party at the local Mexican restaurant on Bay Street in downtown Savannah, Cilantro Grill and Cantina!
My good friend Elaine has been waiting for years to be able to stay home and do as she pleases daily. Elaine has worked with children in Georgia’s family services system for a long time. Taking children out of terrible situations, evaluating parents and their homes, placing children in a better environment, and the like has been hard on her. She certainly deserves to do for herself finally.

I met Elaine almost 8 years ago when the realtor who sold us the Savannah B&B, Green Palm Inn, invited me along for a dinner with other women friends of hers. GNO (Girl’s night out) is a monthly dinner with several friends now, all Christian women. We very seldom dine at a restaurant a second time, always finding new places here in Savannah and Tybee Island, GA.  We are always sharing our jobs, likes, interests, and especially our activities over the last month. How much fun is that?!

Elaine lost her Mom earlier this year and it was great to see her, her family and some of her friends last night for her long awaited celebration. We laughed, joked, remembered, and tormented each other. I know from the sounds of her non-committal plans, she was ready to be without time restraints for a while.  Good for her, I say.

Now if I can just get Elaine to run for public office, we would all be happy. She very diligently reads and keeps up with local, state  as well a national government politics. Elaine always stands her ground and takes great pride in digging out the facts about issues at all levels. I would vote for her no matter the office. Perhaps I will plan on being her campaign manager.

Congratulations Elaine on service well done for our City of Savannah, Chatham County, and the State of Georgia children! We love you!

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