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On the Lookout for Historic Savannah Palms

Since the late 1800’s palmetto palms were planned and conscientiously planted in Savannah landscapes, especially along downtown streets.

Outdoors Savannah Palms in Downtown Savannah Historic District

Historic Savannah Palms

We are on the lookout for them now, and invite you to help us find the prominent palms.  Many are in rows, like along Gordon Street, Bull Street near City Hall, and Gaston Street near Forsyth Park.

The brown, round trunk is the first clue, unless you’re looking skyward to see the wonderful fronds mingling above the Live Oak and Crepe Myrtle tree canopy.

Please add your comment to tell us where you spot them, especially in the downtown Landmark Savannah Historic District.

We welcome your help!

Photo: (c) Sandy Traub. Used with permission.

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