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Memorial Holiday Weekend: Picnic in Savannah GA

Last night I had dinner at the Azalea Inn and Gardens. Sitting by the pool, dangling our feet, throwing the toys to Ben (1 of their Yorkies) having great food (Jake grilled ribs, YUM) — good wine and fabulous company! Life could not have been better.

Savannah Memorial Day Holiday | Photo (c) Sandy Traub. Used with permission

Savannah Memorial Day

One of the local wine purveys Lori and her husband Paul were there to introduce a new wine. How marvelous was that?! The weather was perfect too.  Some of Azalea Inn’s guests were on hand and we encouraged them to taste with us, as well as play with the dogs.  You just had to sit back and smile.  I sure was sorry Gary had to leave, getting back on the road to load on Tuesday in Jacksonville, Ark.

Maybe next year he will be off the road to enjoy beautiful, historic Savannah during one of her holiday seasons.

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