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Mesmerizing Savannah: The EXPRESS Fashion Runway, Southern Style

Savannah style runway show Express fashion. Photo (c) 2012 Sandy Traub

Express runway show in Savannah's Monterey Square

SAVANNAH Georgia (July 13, 2012) — Oh what a night in Old Savannah it was at the energizing and colorful EXPRESS Rock the Sidewalk Holiday Collection 2012 Runway Show on Monterey Square.

A few feet south of Mercer House mansion — renown as center stage for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil novel and movie —  the limelight shifted to a Paris-comes-to-the-American-South-outdoors vibe with lanky legs, vibrant clothes, new style little black dresses, youthful energy, and handsomely dapper men.

“Lucky” was an unusual word swirling in Savannah’s social media on Friday the 13th, 2012, thanks to marketing executive Sandy Traub.

“Krispy Kreme® celebrated their 75th Anniversary with 75-cent donuts.  Starbucks® was giving away Cool Lime or  Very Berry Hibiscus ‘Refresher’ midday.  Near sundown the Express Runway Show in Monterey Square was revving and filming.  VIP invites were instead open, multimedia and word of mouth invitations to launch the brand’s holiday 2012 line,” Sandy explained.  “It was a lucky day to be in Savannah!”

“The day could easily have been a slice out of a novel,” says Sandy.  The night’s big focus scene was at the twilight hour, the Express fashion runway show. Neighbors invited friends to sit on their multimillion dollar, antebellum mansion stoops.   Art students, blue-collar workers, and wealthy elite rambled indecipherably into the square jockeying at the pace of a southern waltz for just the right spot for a little breeze, a little shade, and the best view from street level.

Picturesque Savannah for EXPRESS fashion runway

Picturesque Savannah for EXPRESS fashion runway

It spite of being in Johnny Mercer’s hometown, it was a muggy summer afternoon with very little of his Summer Wind. Surely, it was an evening when Savannah was busy romancing its tourists and its own, however.  Townspeople, visitors, and photographers aplenty responded to the Express company’s generous invitation to mosey in at leisure, arriving in time for the 6:30 p.m. show.  Everyone was a VIP!

“Express is the must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand for work, the weekend, or going out.” — Source:  Express.com

Is this the way a modern day “Gone with the Wind” party would look?

“If there had been a screenplay, I don’t think it could have been scripted better.  Raised-arm mobile phones popped up from the crowd flashing Instagram mementos to share on Facebook and Twitter.  Paparazzi were dotted on balconies and in the strategic places in the square to capture the fashions for news and official photos.   Television camera boom arms and the swanky, modern stage nestled comfortably under the big arms and canopy of ancient Live Oaks,”  Sandy added.

Bed breakfast innkeeper Diane McCrary at Savannah EXRRESS runway show. Photo (c) 2012 Sandy Traub

Our B&B innkeeper, Diane McCrary at the runway show

Somewhere in background free ice cream was an option for the crowds.  Almost as invisible as bunraku puppeteers, Savannah’s low-key uniformed police — friendly with knowing smiles — kept things orderly.

So, what about the show?  What would you buy?  Our answer:  We’ll take one of each please! One city visit. One of those bright red Express dresses and one chic black one, too please. One night sitting on the stoop of an historic home.  One night of chumming with the locals.  Hmm, now that I think about it.  “Make that a double or triple, please!”

“That’s the way it is in Savannah,” says innkeeper Diane McCray. “Savannah is a welcoming city with creativity a part of every day life.   That’s not to say that international models and fashion runways are part of daily life! But that is to say we’re not too surprised when cameras show up here.  This city is mesmerizing, picture perfect!”

“In our fluid society of social media, it is especially heartwarming that Express invited the townspeople and tourists — a place for all to socialize and convene in a beautiful spot for a beautiful event on a beautiful night.  It seemed to work out beautifully!” Diane concludes.  The crowds lingered, then spilled over — in the moseying way that southerners move about slowly — into restaurants and cafes.  Diane and Sandy headed for the chic and colorful Fire Street Food on Chippewa Square.

As Walter Cronkite would say, “And that’s the way it is….”  Yes, that’s the way it is, a LUCKY day and night in Old Savannah.

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