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HOPE. Finding it in Savannah GA USA!

A tradition of hope began in Savannah in 1733, when British Parliamentarian James Oglethorpe hoped for a fresh start for debtors in a new English colony in North America.  The hope was big, marketing the wilderness of trees – the new Province of Georgia — as “paradise,” according to historian Walter J. Fraser, Jr.

Mickve Israel, Historic Savannah Jewish Synagogue on Monterey Square.

Mickve Israel, Historic Jewish Synagogue on Monterey Square.

Beer and faith traveled with Anglican English settlers on the good ship Anne, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to North America.  With gratitude the settlers offered thanksgiving upon arriving on the Savannah bluff, near today’s City Hall.  A commemorative bench marks the spot on the Bay Street strand.

Hopeful Portuguese Jews, Austrian and German Lutherans, Scotland Presbyterians, and Czechoslovakian Moravians came to the Georgia colony in search of abiding hope … and their freedom to worship.  Savannah’s first congregations of African Baptists came out of hopeful slaves who first worshiped in a barn and open spaces, even as indentured servants on the Old South plantations along the Savannah River.

Big helpings of hope are visually evident in the historic churches and inspiring architecture that dot the Landmark Savannah Historic District.    Hope is found in the expectations of travelers strolling through the city of art,  the city renown for southern cooking, the city of welcoming hospitality, the city of beautiful architecture, the city for artisanal shopping, and the city where a good time can be found any time of year.

One of those good-time days is St. Patrick’s Day, filled with jovial celebrations that includes one of America’s biggest parades annually.  Savannah celebrates with the Irish in pioneering style, mixing up a tad more beer than the sailing settlers, yet renewing faith alongside our Catholic friends in our city that turns Irish-green annually.

I am happy to say that we will help our guests to find what they hope to see and do in Savannah, any time of year.  From the best barbecue, to home style ice cream, to Green Palm Inn’s own cottage-style comforts, and our big southern welcome.   If you hope for a wonder-filled Deep South adventure, you’ll find a friendly, helpful ally here.

Meanwhile, from our hope-filled Savannah inn, we’ll toast your safe, inspiring journeys in this hopeful New Year. We’ll be ever-hoping that your travels bring you to Green Palm Inn and Savannah, Georgia USA in 2011!

Something Additional:

A faith-inspiring video we thought you might enjoy:  “I Can Only Imagine

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