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Green Palm Inn’s Best Friends Girls Getaway in Savannah, GA

SAVANNAH Georgia (August 2011) — My best friend, Kathy, from south Florida came up on the Amtrak for a long weekend visit to the Green Palm Inn, Savannah’s cozy bed and breakfast.

Savannah bed and breakfast innkeeper at Savannah fine dining restaurant Alligator Soul

Where do locals eat in Savannah? On girls getaway, best friends dine at Alligator Soul

Arriving thirty minutes later than her scheduled arrival time of 7:30 p.m., I decided to take her straight to the restaurant, Alligator Soul, for dinner.  This is Kathy’s favorite restaurant whenever she visits Savannah.

“Two old broads — best friends — surrounded by handsome men in Savannah, Georgia, that’s what it is all about. ” – Innkeeper Diane McCray.

Whenever she comes for a visit, which is 2-3 times a year, it gives me the opportunity to go and check out the newest and best restaurants as well as experience the latest adventures of Savannah. 

I usually shut the Inn down for an entire week  during August for a much needed makeover: painting rooms, cleaning carpets, upgrading landscaping, reupholstering chairs, and to generally fix things which cannot be fixed while guests are in my home, as well as take a few hours for R&R just for myself.  I actually slept in until 7:30 a.m. one day, which is sleeping in late for me.

Now back to Alligator Soul.  The fine dining restaurant is in the basement of an historic brick warehouse in downtown historic Savannah. When we arrived at the door we were greeted by a good looking waiter who welcomed us to the restaurant and he wasn’t even the host.  Another handsome young man, who was the host, also welcomed us and sat us at our table.  It was a Thursday evening and the restaurant was about thirty percent full.  Jason, our waiter,  immediately showed up at our table and welcomed us to the restaurant.  After telling him we were only there for cocktails and appetizers, he proceeded to fill us in about the specials of the day, just in case we changed our minds.  While Jason was describing the fare, another good looking young man discretely filled our water glasses, which he continued to do throughout the entire evening.  Can you tell we were surrounded by very young and handsome men that night?

Kathy and I enjoy wines. And, as luck would have it, we both like the some kinds of wines – ALL WINES.  So, it was decided to order a fleet of whites and a fleet of reds.  Each fleet consisted of three different flavors of that color, sweet to somewhat dry — almost  a wine tasting, but you are poured about a third of a glass of wine for each flavor. Next we ordered appetizers.  Kathy doesn’t like tomatoes so she surprised me when she ordered the fried green tomatoes.  They were breaded and came with a fantastic special (top secret) sauce.   Based on Jason’s suggestion of the lobster tail appetizer,  I decided to try it.

Our fleet of wines arrived to the table rather quickly.  While we were waiting for our food, Jason brought out a sample appetizer consisting of a fabulous small cut of beef on a stick, covered in a very delicious sauce, spicy tomato aioli – a “muse bouche” from the chef we were told. Very tasty I might add.  Our ordered appetizers arrived shortly there after.  Kathy’s fried green tomatoes were sweet and spicy, which paired well with her red wines. My lobster tail was wonderful and a very good choice with my whites.

After consuming our food, Jason brought us a small plate of cherries, which had been soaked in peppermint vodka.  YUMMY!!! After making a big deal about how much we liked those cherries, he laughed and brought us another plate of them.  So, of course we had to have glass of  Merlot to pair with the cherries.  While we were enjoying our cherries and wine, chef  came to our table to ask us about our experience.  He too was very good looking and wanted to make sure we were having an enjoyable experience.   Two old broads, best friends, surrounded by handsome men in Savannah, Georgia, that’s what it is all about.

Alligator Soul restaurant is fabulously staffed and the attention every table receives is amazing, as is their food.  Both of us having had a very long day, we decided that we would walk back to the Inn and call it a day.

The adventures of Savannah would have to wait until tomorrow for the two of us.

Copyright (c) 2011 Diane McCray / Green Palm Inn

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