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A Delightfully Winsome Halloween in “Jolly Little Savannah”: Storytelling Peppered With A Little Practical Magic

Some say Savannah is “magical”. Some say Savannah is the most haunted city in America.  Many more agree, it’s the most beautiful city in North America.

CNBC reaffirmed in October 2010 that Savannah is America’s #1 Most Haunted City.

Savannah GA | Treasure Island Chapter 1

Savannah GA | Treasure Island Chapter 1

In our charming city if we concocted our own dose of “practical magic” for the Halloween season, we would point you to the winsome, fun-loving, yet sentimental atmosphere of storytelling here.  In Savannah, haunted tours are at their height in October, but the haunted tales continue all year.

Magical that Ghosts Remain in  Savannah?

Practically thinking, who would ever want to leave Savannah? It easily follows then, that it quite “practical” that ghosts remain afoot here. They like it here too!

Note: We need a little background music for this blog entry. Let’s try Stevie Nicks singing “If you Ever Did Believe” in the movie, Practical Magic. The music to the ghost-tapping movie is lightheartedly romantic and upbeat! Starring in that movie are some of our favorites: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest.

Where to spend a little time amid Savannah Ghosts?

Enjoy drinks in the Planter’s Tavern in the Olde Pink House. James Habersham is said to be the ghost at his former mansion, a place where sons of Liberty met in the rebellion leading up the American Revolutionary War.

The Telfair Art Museum is the “little palace” according to Haunted Places in the American South writer Alan Brown. Mary Telfair haunts her former mansion, now the South’s oldest museum. Brown writes, “Local author Mary Wayt DeBolt describes Mary Telfair as a “possessive spirit” who makes her displeasure known whenever changes are made in the house that violate her wishes.” The grand ole museum is a “must-see” stop.

The rustic digs of The Pirates’ House restaurant is a superb place for a southern lunch buffet or dinner. Once a popular tavern inn for “sailors, smugglers and pirates”, the staff proclaims several of the colorful characters never left the building. The most haunted place is said to be the oldest house in Georgia, once the Gardener’s cottage during the colonial era when Trustees Gardens was located on the site. The real Captain Flint, inspiration to Robert Lewis Stevenson in his “Treasure Island,” is reported to have died there. Captain Flint’s ghost is reported to remain.

Three haunted mansions of Savannah’s elite may be enjoyed at a discount! Purchase a “Pioneer in Preservation Pass” for admission to the Davenport House, the Juliette Low Birthplace Museum and the Andrew Low House. A multiple site admission called Pioneers in Preservation pass available for $18 per person for admission to all three historic house museums at a discounted rate. The three historic house museums are Savannah’s preservation pioneers — The Colonial Dames of America acquired the Andrew Low House in 1927, said to be haunted by former residents in the GPB.org documentary.  Willie Gordon, the father of Juliette Gordon Low (founder of Girl Scouts) is believed to haunt the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, acquired by the Girl Scouts of United States of America in 1953. In 1955 saved from demolition thus initiating the founding of the Historic Savannah Foundation, Isaiah Davenport House’s resident ghost is a cat. For information, please call: Andrew Low House Museum – 912/233-6854, Isaiah Davenport House Museum – 912/236-8097, and the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace – 912/233-4501 office, 912-233-4502, house.

A little known fact: Nelly Gordon, Juliette Gordon’s mother, so impressed people that she was put into one of Rudyard Kipling’s stories, and she loved his description of her: “a little old lady with snapping black eyes, who used very bad language.”

You get the idea!

“If you ever did believe,” … or not! … come stay with us at Green Palm Inn. Make your Halloween in Savannah filled with delightful heritage, magical southern cuisine, legendary architecture, folk lore storytelling and more!  Along your way, we think you’ll be tempted to say, “Hello there!” to any one of Savannah’s friendly ghosts!

We hope to see you soon ourselves!

Diane McCray, Innkeeper

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