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Special Guests of Green Palm Inn from Key West, Florida

Our returning guests and special kids, Rosie and Jeff Ware, arrived on Monday here at the Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast with a special guest, Muriel Walker, (Rosie’s Mom) from the UK.  Rosie was anxious to show her Mom historic Savannah, Georgia and the Green Palm Inn B&B. What fun to hear about the experiences from new eyes on our beautiful city!

Muriel walked, rode the Old Savannah Trolley, listened to the city guides, tasted ice cream at Leopold’s, ate dinner at Alligator Soul, and shared her life in England with me during our breakfast meals. What  fun we had together!

Special guest of Green Palm Inn - Rosie Ware

Rosie Ware in NYC

After two days of exploration, Rosie needed to find a shop with fun and exciting clothing for her special trip to New York.  Of course, I suggested the Savannah boutique Gaucho for clothing a little different than she would find in Key West. It so happens the shop was perfect. Rosie and Muriel came back with two outfits for her trip.

It so happens that this was a once-in-a-life-time trip to New York City for a special award from the The Advertising Research Foundation 2011 David Ogilvy Awards. The award-winning Rosie was slated to receive  a “life time achievement award” during the annual  Ogilvy Awards.

Wow, I had a real celebrity in my midst, and I felt (and feel) so very lucky.  She is one of my family!!!  Congratulations, Rosie Ware.

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