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Savannah GA B&B’s for Vets: Green Palm Inn Is a Blessed Host

Savannah B&B Veteran's Day 2010

Patriotic Day at Green Palm Inn

What a week this has been! A few of the historic bed and breakfast inns  in Savannah volunteered one by one to partner with more small B&Bs in a nationwide celebration for Veteran’s Day.  Each participating B&B gave a free night to military service men and women, active and retired.  Some inns donated every room, as Green Palm Inn did.

Over 900 B&Bs took part throughout the United States and 6 countries.

My guests, Ray and Janice were two of the most entertaining and thankful guests I’ve ever had stay with us at the Green Palm Inn. Janice and Ray have traveled to Savannah many times over the years and love coming back to her beautiful charms. Because this trip to Savannah, GA was in honor of their service to our country, this was a special stay. Not only did we offer a free night with breakfast and all the trimmings, several Savannah inns joined together to give a reception in honor of our visiting veterans.

Because Ray is a Civil War buff, during our first encounter Wednesday evening, he explained several  idiosyncrasies of General Sherman.  What fun to hear about this Northern General, (I’m a Michigan girl) and the War of Northern Aggression. (Ray was born and raised in the South).

Lots of wonderful food and drink were donated by restaurants, including Alligator Soul(seafood gumbo), The Olde Pink House(grilled steak with olive crostini), 45 Bistro(Beef Carpacchio),  Leoci’s Trattoria(artichoke crostini),  Sapphire Grill(kitchen sink cookies), Cape Creations Catering and Barnes restaurants (white bean dip, spicy spiral bites and BBQ mini sliders)Azalea Inn and Gardens(Cheese stuffed mini bell peppers)and wine sommelier Lori Mohr kept our guests well fed.  Many stories and laughs followed.

The next morning was no different. Both Ray and his lovely bride Janice were up early sharing laughs with me in the kitchen while I prepared breakfast for the entire household. Ray is a great storyteller so he engaged everyone for the entire morning.  I believe all of my guests thoroughly enjoyed the stories of  military service Ray shared on Veteran’s Day before the downtown Savannah parade.

After breakfast it was time to say goodbye. We could hear the parade coming and all our guests wanted to go watch the festivities.  The flags of fallen heroes lined Broughton Street overhead.

Janice gave a grand invitation to both Gary and I to come to visit them in Cayce, SC any time.  Ray gave me a fabulous  book entitled “Historic Savannah”  full of wonderful pictures of our historic homes and buildings. They also wrote a special thank you in the front of the book. Then Ray presented me with one of his Command Master Chief Sergeant commemorative coin from the SC Air National Guard. What a gift!  All this for one little night, reception and breakfast in Savannah.

A grand “Thank you!” to all who are and who have served in our United States Armed Forces, from the beginning of time. You are the best and I cannot wait until next year!

Diane McCray, Innkeeper

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