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Little Savannah Place with Big Experiences for Sisters’ Vacation

SAVANNAH Georgia (March 2012) — Four women travel to a unique spot each year together.  Planning ahead, four “sisters’ booked their Savannah vacation lodging at Green Palm Inn almost a year ahead.

Sisters getaway to Green Palm Inn in Savannah GA

Sisters in Savannah for annual vacation getaway

By booking all of the inn’s four rooms they enjoyed Diane McCray’s famous hostessing, their ultimate privacy without housekeeping, and the wonderful joy of NO kitchen duty!

How was their visit? It was a really great trip.  Really great ice cream. Really great sheets.  Really great time together. Really great breakfast. [They describe breakfast at Green Palm Inn was “Yummy!”]

Now for the rest of the story.


Traveling together the three sisters — Sheila, Sally, and Sue — invited Diane (who married their uncle) to be their fourth ‘sister’.   The sisters were born and reared in Illinois.  One of the foursome lives in the family’s home state, two live in Arizona, and the fourth is from California.  Isn’t that so endearing that these delightful women want to stay so in touch?!

Bears get away in Savannah too

Bear mascots get away in Savannah, too!


In addition to an annual travel trip, the gals embed a few more traditions to savor the memories. They brought along their Teddy bear mascots that travel with them on all their trips.

And, they get three or four new custom-made charms to remember each new place they visit. From Savannah they commissioned a Georgia peach charm from their preferred artisan in California. It’s a full fledged trip for the memory books, getting pictures taken along their way.


“The gals are easygoing and nice to please,” says Green Palm Inn’s innkeeper, Diane McCray.   “For their 5-day vacation in Savannah they had no vehicle. So, they stayed in the downtown area — walking, shopping, playing, and soaking up the local culture while immensely enjoying each others company,” reports their innkeeper host.

Sisters' Savannah getaway shopping at Paula Deen store

Sisters pictured at Paula Deen Store in downtown Savannah

“They loved the squares, which became their ever-popular oasis. They loved walking through the squares and enjoying time on a bench in Savannah’s downtown squares just to be together — taking in the beautiful and charming, reminiscing, and hanging out.” Talk about quality time!

Diane advises the gals took a few sightseeing tours and ate at some of Savannah’s best places.  They particularly enjoyed Alligator Soul and Cha-Bella, both with wonderful reputations for farm to table fine dining in downtown Savannah.

The teetotallers were eager for the haunted and historical stories.  Dianna Rogers was playing at the Planters Tavern, a character-rich spot to take in the unique atmosphere of the Old Pink House.

Sisters at historic Savannah Theatre in historic district downtown

At historic Savannah Theatre

Although a bit apprehensive about live theater (from disappointing experiences in other cities), on return from an evening at the historic Savannah Theatre each traveler shared enthusiasm and appreciation for their innkeeper’s encouragement.

“They were thrilled with the performance and the place, saying this one ‘lived up to expectations’.”


The gals stumbled upon a Saturday wedding in the square.  Free cupcakes were being given away.  “The travelers had tried a few cupcakes  from various places in Savannah. This, too, is something they do in each city they visit.  However, they proclaim, ‘the free ones were the best'”, shares Diane.  “We have no idea who made them.”

B&B Breakfast Table at Green Palm Inn in Savannah GA

B&B Breakfast

During that same freebie tasting, flower bouquets were being given away, too.  They brought one home to the inn.  The bouquet stayed lovely for almost a week after their departure on the inn’s buffet.


One sister (Sue) said that every time she ate ice cream, she would break out with an allergic reaction. “It’s all about not having chemicals in your body,” their innkeeper replied, with encouragement that they make at least one stop at Leopold’s Ice Cream shop.  “Going to Leopold’s you won’t break out,” assured Diane McCray, confident in the best possible ingredients being served there, recently published as one of the top ten ice cream shops in the world.  The gals’ daily trip to Leopold’s Ice Cream shop followed, delightfully changing one sister’s lifelong fear of her ice cream rash.

This wasn’t the only change for good.  Another sister ordered sheets from the vendor who supplied the ones at Green Palm Inn.  She, too, had allergic reactions when sleeping on her home sheets, typically tossing and turning all night.  From her allergy-free sleep while in Savannah during her Green Palm Inn stay, her sleep habits changed from night after night of restLESSness to night after night of restFULness.  Again, going the extra mile, Diane had new sheets drop shipped to her guest.

Four little rooms. Four little bear mascots. Four dear sisters found four little rooms in just the right spot for their year’s biggest vacation experiences. This time at little Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA.

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