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Wall Street Journal Article

Health care seems to be a very hot topic these days. Friends and family are at odds with these proposals. Not sure what the solution should be. But one thing I know for sure, if you’ve not put into the system you should not draw out.

Everyone has a talent and can lend a little something to our country. There are no free rides and I for one am pushed to my limit. Our country’s leaders are at the front of this line for the taking. I say this because, if I remember correctly, they all work for me/us.

So when was the last time your employee told you what their salary, their raise, their benefits, their insurance and so forth would be. I thought the employer would supply or not those amounts. I think it is high time to reign in our employees and utilize the dollars saved for the few who are not able to work; the aged and the disabled.

Health care insurance can be available to everyone, no matter the age or physical ability. We just have to be smart about it.

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