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The B&B Experience!

Can anyone suggest a way to bring the B&B experience home when you just can’t get away to a B&B? There are no trade secrets!!  It is a style.  My first suggestion would be to change your bed — look and feel. It needs to be functional, yet whimsical in some fashion.

Green Palm Inn Bed and Breakfast Savannah GA | Photo Adam Kuehl/Green Palm Inn. All rights reserved.

Green Palm Inn | Historic Savannah GA

More pillows, higher end linens, lots of candles, baths salts, little touches of personal – flowers, lighting and so forth. It’s all about the feel.   Then get a personal chef to come to the house to make your breakfast. That is what we are here-personal chefs. We make a big beautiful breakfast with a personal touch.  Lots of fruit, baked goods, special teas, candies. Bring your girlfriends over to enjoy the breakfast with you. Then get a personal limo to take you places, somewhere in your home town that you never stop to do, explore, whatever.  We all have them – always saying I should do this or that. Then get a good friend to come over in the afternoon to make a dinner reservation for you, serve you a glass of wine and a small sampling of a special muse bouche, etc.

That’s a start of experiencing a B&B at home!!!

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