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Still Keeping with the Healthy Theme in 2010

Biking in Forsyth Park Savannah

Cycling in Historic Savannah's Forsyth Park

Still working on our healthy thing for 2010. For 4 weeks now I’ve worked with Richard my trainer. Teresa joined in on my 2nd week and is feeling quite pumped about it. Jackie has yet to activate her work out regime because of a cold. However, she has participated in that crazy Zumba class a couple of weeks now. And it is still kicking all of our b……

We LOVE that abuse, however, and are going back for more. A country line dance class has been added too. Can you believe it?

Now ask if we’ve lost weight. I for one have not. Not a single pound. That is a little disturbing!  One of my guests (a doctor) said to be patient. Fat replaced by muscle is heavier and you may not see a weight loss for a while. He questioned the fit of my clothing though. I had to admit, not as much of that 2nd tire hanging over my jean waist. YEAH!!!  AND I do feel better especially after the work out.

Maybe it’s just a mind game but I will take any kind of motivation I can get. Working at feeling better and looking better is now my mantra. RICHARD – bring it on!!!!

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