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Simple Joys in Savannah, Georgia: Little Things Like Faith Make Holidays Special

We don’t talk much about the beautiful historic churches in historic Savannah. Instead, we point often and regularly to our favorite little eating or shopping spots about town through social media — Twitter @GreenPalmInn. We want to change that.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” -Franklin Roosevelt

Savannah folks hold religion close and dear.  The “active faith” that prevails here is private and within the walls of Savannah’s beautiful places of worship that anchor the historic district village downtown.

Historic Savannah's Paris Market | Photo (c) Sandy Traub. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.

Savannah Christmas | Paris Market

During the holidays — amid shopping, visiting and work – the holiday music enriches the Savannah experience.  Our city sidewalks are enlivened when church bells chime happily at the noon hour.
Downtown, chiming church bells ring out a holiday tune or time-treasured song.  Those delightful sounds spark a reminder that we celebrate a Holy time and season.  They remind us too, that we should appreciate simple joys!

Also in Savannah, James Lord Pierpont wrote “Jingle Bells“.  In the link below Andrea Bocelli beautifully sings with the Muppets. Listen to the happiness in his voice, which exudes the joy of celebrating the holidays.

Solo or vacationing with family and friends, Savannah for the holidays is a joyful tie and place!

In our homes, the Christmas village scene would be incomplete without the church.  So it goes also in Savannah. The historic churches are integral to the way of private and public life here.

  • For example, the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra presents Christmas with the Philharmonic in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (8 p.m. December 17-18, 2010).
  • During the widely popular Savannah Music Festival (March 24-April 9, 2011, and annually) some of the most spectacular events are in the historic churches and Mickve Israel Synagogue.

Many downtown historic Savannah churches are open for visitors year around. A self-guided tour of the Savannah Tour of Historic Houses of Worship has been underway since 2000.  We have not yet confirmed if that tour will happen this holiday season (2010). However, we hope you’ll stroll at leisure to discover the beautiful architecture and sincere welcome found in the inspiring places of worship.  Use the 2007 map and information provided here, still available through Armstrong-Atlantic State University’s web site, along with background articles that web site provides.

When your holiday plans bring you to Savannah, Georgia – fall, winter, spring or summer – we hope that you will want to stay at little Green Palm Inn. We’ll introduce you to more of “Jolly, Little Savannah”.

Meanwhile, we’ll wish you “simple joys” this Holy Season, and year around!

Diane McCray, Innkeeper

P.S. We’re on Twitter @GreenPalmInn and Facebook. You’re invited to follow us and share your comments and questions anytime.

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