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More Fresh Savannah Tourism Cues from “Where In Savannah” Series from Green Palm Inn

Green Palm Inn’s downtown lodging niche in Savannah is the little local spots, an aunt-like welcome, easy comforts, and amazing affordability for a top-rated Savannah B&B inn.   In a series of little “Where in Savannah” tourism cues (conformed to meet Twitter’s 140 characters), this little Savannah bed and breakfast inn points to unique Savannah things to see and do packaged in brief Savannah facts, Savannah places, and teases to Savannah stories.

Savannah River Rousakis Plaza near Florence Martus Waving Girl Statue

Savannah River Walk, Rousakis Plaza

“Where in Savannah … Southbound train? Hop on the AMTRAK southbound Palmetto train, terminating in Savannah GA.” Train-loving songwriter, Johnny Mercer, was born here.  Think, “Blues in the Night“!

Where in #Savannah … Romantic drama? Florence Martus w/loyal collie: Waving Girl Statue by “Iwo Jima Memorial” sculptor http://ow.ly/6kWhG [found along Savannah River walk]

To learn, we ask questions, too!  Recently, we posted a tease for “Sweetheart Tree”, a song collaboration from Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini.

“Where in #Savannah … Sweetheart tree? We don’t know. But, we’d love to know!”  Answering this Twitter post, a full-of-personality chef from Waxhaw, North Carolina replied, “Seriously, there are so many beautiful trees in Savannah, pick one… lay a blanket down & get to smoochin!”

Savannah Oglethorpe's Bench in downtown Savannah historic district. Photo (c) 2011 Sandy Traub

Oglethorpe's Bench in downtown Savannah GA

Where in #Savannah … Manly view? GA founder’s “Oglethorpe’s Bench”, atop river bluff at Bay St & Whitaker. [Photo]

Where in Savannah … Curvy chocolate? Chocolate curls, lace, martinis, & fondues for 2 at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. cc @LulusChocBar

Where in #Savannah … Tea for Two? We need a lil bkgd music for this: http://ow.ly/6nfBv | Jus’ mosey into #Savannah Tea Room

Where in #Savannah … Celebrity cluck? Southern writer Flannery O’Connor birthplace on Lafayette Sq, where her pet chicken walked backward.

Where in #Savannah … Unstoppable pluck? Juliette “Daisy” Low founded Girl Scouts. Visit @jlowbirthplace Oglethorpe @ Bull St. #Savannah

In 2012 Girl Scouts celebrates the organization’s 100th anniversary. In founder Juliette Gordon Low’s hometown, the city will be abuzz!  Don’t bee too surprised to see lots of daisies.  Mrs. Low’s nickname is “Daisy”.

Where is #Savannah … Civil War generals? Virginians & West Point classmates: Robert E Lee visited Gen Joe Johnston, 105 E Oglethorpe Ave.

Forsyth Park by Nick Reichard (NicholasReichard) on 500px.com
Forsyth Park | Confederate Monument by Nick Reichard

Where in #Savannah … Patriot’s nephew? “Give me liberty or give me death” –Patrick Henry. His great nephew, Gen Joe Johnson lived here.

Where in #Savannah … Vivaciously vacant? The closed bordello in the “red light” district is today’s Rail Pub on Franklin Sq.

Where in #Savannah … Wetly wild? Savannah outdoors, including Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, is photographers’ wonderland!

Where in #Savannah … Hopelessly haunted? Burials in English town (ca. 1733) were in outskirts…today’s #USA historic district.

Avenue of Palms - Colonial Cemetery Savannah historic district

Avenue of Palms along Oglethorpe Avenue near Colonial Cemetery

Where in #Savannah … Avenue of Palmettos? Early 20th century postcards titled Colonial Cemetery / Oglethorpe Ave.’s palm lane of trees.

Where in #Savannah … Field of Honor? Old Fort Wayne (Bay & East Broad near Pirates’ House) was a favorite “duelist’s resort”.

Where in #Savannah … Four-in-hand carriages? Clip-clop sound & horse-drawn carriages serve as transport & soundtrack to historic tales.

You’re invited to stay at Green Palm Inn‘s top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast inn.  What do you want to see and do in Savannah? We will help you to find your Savannah dream spots!

Copyright (c) 2011 Sandy Traub / Green Palm Inn. All rights reserved.

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