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How To Stretch! Junkers, Here’s How In Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia USA near the top of US News Travel’s “Best Affordable Destinations” 2012.

Thrifty USA slogan Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do (1941-1945)

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do (1941-1945 poster)

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 14, 2012) — If you’re a bargain hunter, fan of cooked breakfasts, love old things, and have a ‘make it last’ attitude then you’ll adore Green Palm Inn in America’s southland on the Georgia Coast.  This darling Savannah B&B is little in size, big in value, and a good buy always.

In the South, there’s always a back-story

“Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do” was the slogan in the World War II era poster (1941-1945).  It was an era when recycling was introduced.

One might say when tired, historic mansions are re-purposed to Savannah bed and breakfast inns, we innkeepers are among the frugal citizens being resourceful, too.

“I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘junker’, but I do have a reputation of efficiency and resourcefulness to see that my guests save time, work, and fuel to enjoy Savannah’s famous legacy,” says innkeeper Diane McCray.  “Gary and I do love this old house that we continue to update, piecing together what’s old with what’s new and practical.   Surely, we have a sense of pride to be a part of making Savannah’s old things beautiful again, and seeing the best of the old southern traditions enjoyed anew!”

“Why stay in a glass and steel Savannah hotel when you can groove into your passion to find a charming, reliable standby with more personality? Green Palm Inn is a cozy, re-purposed Gingerbread cottage, now an historic inn — top-rated, gratefully!” Diane adds.

Have you noticed how some traditions skip a generation?

The vibrant generation of art students (roughly 6k – 8k strong international students in Savannah College of Art and Design’s Savannah campuses) are leading the way in helping residents and visitors to appreciate again what’s wonderfully vintage and retro.  Check the ShopScad, for example.  It’s chic with lots of art students’ works that exemplify the resourceful piecing together from the young creatives.

Connect with other junkers.

“Savannah is a treasure trove for junkers,” Diane insists. “We anticipate that you would be thrilled to connect with other junkers while on vacation in Savannah.”

The chic Design District (Whitaker / Jones / Taylor streets near Forsyth Park) is a surprising place to start.  You’ll be inspired by the piecing together of eclectic floral arrangements at Madame Chrysanthemum Corner Door Antiques is a fun spot for classic finds like silver and crystal.

Check out the antique mall along  Factors Walk.  Jere’s Antiques is grand-daddy of vintage furniture.

Be sure to take a ride to Tybee Island beach. Soak up the salty breeze, and admire the seaside cottages. You may decide to stay a day or two at Lighthouse Inn, a re-purposed officer’s cottage. Riding Highway 80 onto the island, you’ll see the eclectic shops on the left. Seaside Sisters is one of our favorite places there.

Weekend garage sales offer great thrifting and knick knack opportunities.  Keller’s Flea Market (with its cool “I Love Fleas!” slogan) is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8am – 6pm.   Some thrift stores help to fund good causes.  Humane Society Thrift Shop, Goodwill Industries thrift shop, and Salvation Army’s two thrift stores) are hot spots for surprising vintage finds for unique quilt fabrics, if nothing else.

We recommend calling ahead for open days and hours at local consignment shops. Here are a few: Landings’ Consignment & gifts (1 Diamond Causeway, Suite 21, 912/355-5345); Two Women and a Warehouse (2819 Bull Street,912-351-5040); Threads and Things (15 East Park Avenue, near Forsyth Park downtown, 912-234-5994); Comes Around Goes Around (1094 Eisenhower Drive, 912-351-0688); Savannah Anna’s Consignment Shoppe (5505 Waters Avenue, 912-356-5950). The Auction House (22 Windsor Road. 912-351-5040) has monthly auctions of consignment items.

Now, don’t you want to get to Savannah?  Let Green Palm Inn help you to piece together your wonderful Savannah vacation!   We’ll plug in the scenic historical places and best places to eat along the way.

Diane McCray, Innkeeper
Green Palm Inn, a cozy and historic bed and breakfast
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