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Affectionately Savannah: Green Palm Inn’s First Crossword Puzzle

Here’s our first try at a Savannah crossword puzzle based on little things we love or admire about our beautiful city — named a top ten among Travel+Leisure’s “America’s Favorite Cities 2010”.   Some words represent  historic Savannah travel highlights, plus tips pointing to things to do, places to see, or some of Savannah’s favorite citizens.

Let us know what you think!  Please also share your recommended words.  For the fun of it, we might try this again!

Historic Savannah GA Travel crossword puzzle from Green Palm Inn

We Love Savannah GA!


1. African soup
5. Historic ballpark stadium
6. Forrest Gump’s mother likened life to a box of __.
7. Top, Deep South U.S. Destination
8. Southern food often described as __ food.
9. Girl Scout founder, born in Savannah
11. Famous estate lands on Savannah River
12. Top American lyricist & Savannahian whose statue is in Ellis Square
13. B&B owner
15. Tall, thin, tropical trees
16. Swamp creature
17. Location of water taxi shuttle
18. Art or historic mansion to visit
20. Art & Commerce decoration on City Hall
26. Reason to stay at a B&B Inn
28. Johnny Mercer’s favorite ice cream shop
29. Festival in October
33. Bike-style rickshaw transport
35. Southern friendliness
38. Savannah gems
40. British vacation
41. Destination culture
43. Fragrant spring flower in Savannah
45. International stones that pave River Street
49. Colonial highway south and nouth
50. Savannah in summer
52. Oldest house in Savannah part of this restaurant
54. International Savannah harbor
55. Weekend highlight is “First ___ on the River”
56. Best month for jazz in Savannah
57. Famous Savannah cemetery
58. Dog breed’s race in October


2. Georgia colonial founder
3. Cozy lodging
4. Best month for world-class music in Savannah
7. Hairy moss on Live Oak trees
10. Famous Savannah plantation
14. Green vegetable for good luck
19. Favorite water sport
21. Savannah College of Art and Design
22. Single travel
23. Green Palm Inn on Twitter
24. Genteel feel
25. Cuisine lover
27. Inn customer
30. American South’s oldest art museum
31. Popular trees in Savannah
32. Color of handmade Savannah brick
34. For tailgating, smoked ___
36. River song in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
37. African word for “peanut”
39. Reason to honeymoon
42. Best way to explore Savannah
44. Colonial road to north Georgia
46. Reason to visit Forsyth Park
47. Famous southern breakfast food
48. Popular to-go __ on St. Patrick’s Day
51. General George Washington’s second in command
53. Famous garden ironworks

Copyright (c) 2011 Sandy Traub/Green Palm Inn.

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