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Travel Tuesday or Wednesday! Savannah Blends Business with Comfort Food

New Savannah food dessert at Blue Turtle

Bacon on top of dessert at new Savannah 'Blue Turtle Bistro'

Savannah is a world-class place for finessing, especially for blending work and play! Savannah is one of the best places for business travel and weekday leisure, stories over breakfast, walking tours and pub visits, river walks and multicultural festivals. These only scratch the surface.

The showstoppers are always Savannah beauty and art, hospitality and cuisine that springboard from the city’s rich multicultural history and international commerce.

Have you ever noticed that ‘blending’ before? It’s a great Savannah way of life!

As a Savannah insider and foodie, this Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast innkeeper keeps up-to-date on the great Savannah places, unique things to do, and best spots for lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a friend and I were outside the Savannah historic district again, taking care of business.  We decided to taste test one of the NEW Savannah cafes — Blue Turtle Bistro.

Savannah weather above St. John's Catholic Cathedral. Photo (c) 2011 Sandy Traub.

Savannah Skies on Wednesday over Catholic Cathedral

The weather was warm, slightly overcast, and breezy. The perfect Savannah weather for an alfresco Savannah lunch.

In spite of daily email alerts, neither of us had tried Blue Turtle restaurant.  The new Savannah restaurant’s teasing alerts arrive early morning, timed just right to tempt my hunger.  With business efficiency each announcement shares the ‘Lunch Special’ , ‘Risotto of the Day’ and ‘Soup of the Day’.  Especially on a fall day in Savannah, the new bistro’s selections evoke visions of coastal Georgia’s comforts, this time in food, prepared with a really nice modern twist.

Our selections included Zucchini Soup, Thai Beef Salad, Shrimp Risotto, and Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bacon Topped Toffee and Ice Cream.

I expected slices of zucchini in the soup.  Instead it was wonderfully light and smooth.  The hearty, creamy risotto was rich with flavor and local grilled shrimp from the Georgia coast — Southern comfort food at its best! I expected a triangle slice of pecan pie with ice cream topping.  What arrived was a chocolate pecan round tart, topped with ice cream and decorated with a horizontal wedge of bacon-topped toffee.  Two spoons for that dessert, and we met in the middle … not leaving a morsel!

In summary, Blue Turtle Bistro was deliciously more than we expected.   I’ll take this kind of business lunch any day of the year, including the surprisingly great pricing for the excellent food we enjoyed!  By the way, the cafe has dine-in space as well.

We certainly enjoyed our Savannah business + cuisine mini-break. Solo travel or even business travel in Savannah offers a mini-vacation, especially when you know the local favorite spots!  Thus, at Green Palm Inn, travelers can tap into the local culture even in a brief Savannah visit.

TIP:  The world famous City of Savannah is less crowded  during the business week, which makes Savannah weekday travel especially refreshing for leisure, too!  Social media uses “Travel Tuesday” #TT … #TravelTuesday.  After our Wednesday outing, we are reminded that the Travel Tuesday idea should expand to Travel Wednesday and Travel Thursday.

Get away for business travel.  We will help you to solo travel like a local, away from glass and steel, beginning at our top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast. If you need a reminder, a fall escape in Savannah offers a wonderful refreshment to life.

Get here when you can!

Diane McCray
Green Palm Inn Bed and Breakfast

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