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Savannah’s Cozy Spots to Tipple. Pub Life Kicks Up at Savannah Brew Fest 2011!

Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast points to Savannah pub life, the fabulous little “tippling” spots in Savannah, Georgia’s 2.2 mile Historic District.

The Savannah Brew Fest, scheduled for Labor Day Weekend 2011 (September 2-4, 2011), is a fun time to taste craft brew beer and to discover downtown pubs where travelers can engage locals in conversation and character-rich stories. Remember: In Savannah you must be 21 to drink beer or any alcoholic beverage. Be prepared to show I.D.

Tippling in Savannah | Savannah Cold Drinks (c) Jerry Harris

Savannah "Tippling" Spots: Conversation, Fun, Cold Drinks & Libations

An old southern saying goes, “In Atlanta, people ask what you do for a living; in Charleston, they ask you from what family do you belong; in Savannah, they ask you, ‘What’s your favorite drink?'”  The city’s infamous “to-go” cup and rambunctious St. Patrick’s Day celebrations help to perpetuate the image of a city serious about its spirited beverages and fun!


Molly MacPherson’s, Jen’s and Friends, Abe’s on Lincoln tavern, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar Murphy’s Law Irish Pub, The Lounge at 17Hundred90 pub, Circa 1875 Gastro Pub, and The Distillery (where vintage silent movies are on the big screen) are a few of our favorite spots.  A stop at Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub, Pinky Masters, and Crystal Beer Parlor will give you a glimpse into the old timer’s nostalgic spots, sought out by fun-loving generations today.

Tippling in 1531 meant to “sell alcoholic liquor by retail”. Tipla  “to drink slowly or in small quantities” also “drink (alcoholic beverage) too much” is first attested in 1560. Tippler or “seller of alcoholic liquors” is from 1396; in the sense of “habitual drinker” it dates from 1580.

Naming Molly MacPherson’s after their great-grandmother, Debbie Boulanger and Jennifer Brown, along with their husbands Dannie Cloutier and Michael Brown, opened Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill in Savannah on July 1, 2005.

Quality food, a comfortable atmosphere, a great selection of Single Malts, Scottish culture, and the male wait-staff in kilts are what they envisioned for their Pub – and that’s exactly what they got!

Molly’s offers a wide array of Scotch and Irish fare, but the hidden jewel is the Scotch cake. A spiced ginger cake with whiskey and Grand Marnier in the just-sweet-enough icing, this confection is, quite simply, heaven on earth. Don’t ask for two forks; tease your companion with just a taste, and then make him/her beg you to share the rest.

Circa 1875 is a local gem located in beautiful historic downtown Savannah, GA. Check out the haunted tours that stop by Circa 1875 to tell tales of spotted specters to the guests of our city.  The locals are enchanted by wine and food tastings at this local French bistro where they pride themselves on giving attentive personal service in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The melodic tones of classic jazz and standards enliven the atmosphere. Boutique wines are offered by the glass and bottle, along with imported draught beer, handcrafted martinis and cocktails.

While choosing from over 100 different martinis might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually very easy to order a drink at Jen’s and Friend’s because every martini tastes exactly like its name. The venerable “Snickers”, the famous “Mango”, the “PBJ”, or their signature “White Elephant” (okay, maybe that one doesn’t taste like it sounds), these are just a few of their favorite concoctions that make this downtown bar so popular. They don’t stint on presentation either … with chocolate swirls, rock pop rims, and whole candy bars as garnishes.

Jen’s is located just off Johnson Square on Bull Street between Broughton and Congress in the heart of the Historic District. Reminiscent of a San Francisco style saloon, they occupy a small space that runs length-wise along their overflowing bar. With faded wood walls plastered with posters and notices, it has a dive bar sensibility, but without the smoky atmosphere, and with a much better cocktail menu.  (Note: if you even try to light up, you will be asked to take it outside before your lighter is out of your pocket.]

Jen’s and Friend’s also has a few tables and chairs on the sidewalk that make for a great Happy Hour hang out from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Saturday. While they don’t have an official closing time, they tend to stay open late, usually until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. or when the bar starts to clear out. They are closed on Sunday.

[Closed, update December 2011] Sugar Daddy’s is a decidedly upscale restaurant and its fashionable ambiance is most memorable. Sugar Daddy’s is located at 109 Jefferson(at the corner of Broughton Lane) Savannah, GA.  Jefferson is not one of downtown’s busier vehicular or pedestrian thoroughfares, so there’s a lovely sort of urban solitude in sitting at one of the tall tables near the large windows in the restaurant’s comfortable front dining room. An ever-changing eclectic Wine, Beer and Spirit selection will fulfill your sense of travel and adventure without leaving the Jefferson Street location. You will be offered wine & beer selections in the order as follows: Dry to Fruity, and Light to Heavier in Style.

In a city that takes dining so seriously it is logical to conclude that the best restaurants are those favored by locals. Savannah has some of the best. Often the food is classic Southern cuisine, sometimes dressed up in fine dining establishments.  Sugar Daddy’s has its fair share, plus you will find a bit of the history of Savannah and Low Country.

There’s a narrower, more private, and somewhat more formal dining area as well, which is nicely separated from the elegant new bar. Sugar Daddy’s specializes in small plates,which are more than enough food.  Most of the menu items are priced between $8 and $15.  Sugar Daddy’s has a full bar that includes excellent well and premium liquors. The growing wine list should appeal to a wide variety of diners, even those looking for inexpensive options.

The Lounge at 17Hundred90 has been an oasis from the hustle and bustle of this ancient port town for friends new and old for decades. A great neighborhood pub in the finest tradition, the lounge at 17Hundred90 is a favorite haunt for locals and guests.

Once a local Happy Hour hang out, 17Hundred90 pub has undergone a change over the last few years.  New owners pride themselves in bringing back the local flavor at this local favorite.  With their vast wine selection and experienced bartenders, all tastes are satisfied and all thirsts are quenched.  Stay a while, either for a nightcap or a cool afternoon refreshment.

Rumor has it that a friendly, early 19th century ghost named Anna Powers haunts the inn. According to folklore, Anna fell in love with a married seaman in the early 1800s. She is said to have thrown herself to her own death from the third floor balcony onto the brick courtyard below, just as the sails of his ship left her sight and headed down the Savannah river to the sea. Some have suggested that the young Miss Powers was helped ad finestra by the seaman’s jealous bride. Since then, her ghost has purportedly been seen wandering the halls throughout restaurant and that inn, particularly in room 204

“CEAD MILE FAILTE” – or 100,000 Welcomes from Murphy’s Law Irish Pub – a pub that “has the cure for what ‘ales’ you”. This authentic Irish Pub has been a Savannah tradition since 2006 with some of the best Fish and Chips and an impressive draught and bottled beer selection. Pub Grub, Irish Mire Cake and specialty drinks round out their menu. Also beware! The bar staff are expert whiskey drinkers so try not to take them on. This IS their area of expertise.

LULU’S   More Than Just a Dessert Bar

You will love the retro-glam atmosphere and personalized service. Each staff member wears a collection of vintage-style aprons  made by their friend Johnny Walgate.  Lulu’s has a fun internet jukebox with classic and modern music.  Enjoy an evening with great desserts and good friends.  The dessert bar is conveniently located between Broughton Street and Congress Street on MLK Jr. Boulevard in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Lulu’s has a full wine and champagne menu along with great drink specials,  including the Savannah Bourbon Bellini.  Martinis range from $8 to $12.
Live music Sundays and local art rounds out a crazy fun outing.

Copyright (c) 2011 Green Palm Inn / Sandy Traub

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