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La Berry Frozen Yogurt in Downtown Savannah GA

Check out flavors of the day through Twitter, save money on lunch, and enjoy a refreshing  La Berry frozen yogurt!  Tall order, huh, for a little treat!

There’s a new La Berry shop in downtown Savannah on Broughton Street, right at Jefferson Street near City Market.  I discovered it with a friend in the heat of summer.

I think you’ll enjoy the ever-changing flavors.  The variety of toppings includes fresh fruit, nuts, candies and cookies, which make the quick treat freshly appealing, again and again!

Downtown Savannah | Photo (c) Michael Rickard. Used with permission

Downtown Savannah

Here’s a link to follow La Berry on Twitter, if you like:  @Laberryyogurt.  Their October 4 post is an update of flavors for the day:

“We have your favs out right now – Cake Batter, NY Cheesecake, Dulce De Leche, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Taro, Mango and Original……:)”

I loved the blueberry and New York Cheesecake!

Hope to see you soon in Savannah!

Diane McCray

P.S. Green Palm Inn is now on Twitter also — @GreenPalmInn.  We enjoy the immediacy of the little 140-character messages.

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