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Inn’s Tips for What’s New in Downtown Savannah: Fire Street Food

New downtown Savannah restaurant Fire Street Food a new Green Palm Inn favorite

Savannah's newest restaurant -- Fire Street Food

One of the tips and tricks to making your Savannah memories last longer is to try new food, wine and socialize. I got two out of three right today with a “between” meal at Fire Street Food on Chippewa Square. I had already eaten a salad for lunch but by 4 o’clock I was ready for something else.

I discovered that the good folks who own Ele, King and I, and Tangerine are cooking up something special downtown and was convinced to try their newest restaurant overlooking Chippewa Square. 

Savannah’s newest restaurant is in the perfect downtown location — 13 E. Perry Street — near the historic Savannah Theatre.  The decor is happy and modern, and so tastefully colorful in contemporary tangerine, aqua and sparkling white.  Even the curved wall where ordering and cooking takes place is a soft touch to welcome diners.

I enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Skewers, which were seasoned wonderfully with just the right amount of spiciness.  My friend ordered Pan Seared Dumplings, just enough to cut the appetite “between” lunch and supper.  Easily we could enjoy a full lunch or supper there! Both our tasting plates were delicious, and perfect for a warm spring day in downtown Savannah.

Almost instantaneously @DoSavannah proclaimed it a locals’ favorite place!  I agree! And, it fits so many of the criteria that I love.  It’s one of Savannah’s small spots that is wonderfully affordable, airy feeling, and leaves me with an eagerness to return.

If we don’t see you at the inn, we’ll see you nibbling on Fire Street Food soon!

Diane McCray, Innkeeper
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