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Fun Banana French Toast, Savannah Style!

Savannah GA Innkeeper Diane McCray

Green Palm Innkeeper Diane McCray

What a great morning to bond with my guests here at the Green Palm Inn!  Two couples arrived yesterday to explore our fabulous city, Savannah, GA. Both couples are here for the first time and very appreciative of the guidance we provided, with lots of insider tips. Last night after walking around the town, experiencing Savannah’s lure, both couples arrived separately back to the house as I was prepping for breakfast.  Not revealing my intent for our breakfast, I assured them  a wonderful surprise would await them by 8:30 the next morning.

Sure enough, everyone was looking at me exactly at that time. Breakfast was ready and waiting. Banana French Toast smells so good in the morning with freshly brewed coffee, you can hardly stand yourself.  Lots of bananas and brown sugar, with a good layer of croissants and custard on top.

It was time to prepare each plate with fresh fruit of honey dew melon and red papaya. Now it was time to cut the Baked French Toast into 4 pieces and set each piece onto the plate. I drizzled a little homemade caramel syrup on top. Next I placed 3 brown sugar sausage links on each plate. Lastly a generous dollop of whipped cream sprinkled with chopped Georgia pecans topped the French Toast like an angel’s halo. VOILA!!!!  Breakfast is served. Talk about the love!!!

We had such a good time sharing the last evening’s dinner selections at Alligator Soul and Cha Bella. Laughing and carrying on at breakfast is the best in the morning with good company, good eats and a little Savannah history lesson thrown in.

Come join us when you can. We’d love to have you here with us at the Green Palm Inn!!  See my recipe below and enjoy!!!!
Banana French Toast

1 stick butter – melted
Add: 1 cup brown sugar and 2 Tblsp light corn syrup
Mix together
Prepare with cooking spray a 9×13 pan.  Pour the butter/sugar mixture into the bottom. Slice 4-5 large bananas and place on top of the butter. Slice 6-8 large croissants, length wise. Place bottoms onto of the bananas. Fill in the holes and make look pretty with the croissant tops.
Mix 1-1/2 cups milk and 6 eggs.  Add 2 teaspoon vanilla and 1-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.  Pour over the croissants. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate over night. Bake 350 degrees for 55 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes.
I top the french toast with caramel topping, whipped cream and nuts.  Serve with your favorite sausage and fresh fruit.

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