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Historic Savannah B&B Introduces Picnic Ideas for 4th of July

B&B recipes for 4th of July in Savannah GA | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Green Palm Inn recipes for B&B’s 4th of July picnic 2013 in historic Savannah GA downtown — Greene Square.

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 15, 2013) – Expressive phrases help to introduce a mid-June afternoon of 4th of July picnic preparation and photo-taking for Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast in historic Savannah, Georgia.

In Summer, Edith Wharton writes of “the beginning of a June afternoon,” “the June wind, frisking down the street”, preparing for “Old Home Week”, “and a gay confusion of flags, turkey-red, blue and white paper muslin”.

This historic Savannah B&B inn’s pre-July 4th Summer Picnic spread felt like a grand day of “Old Home Week” to celebrate southern food and southern life in America!

Guests from Philadelphia Arrive at Our B&B in Savannah

4th of July picnic at historic B&B in Savannah | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Green Palm Inn B&B’s innkeeper Diane McCray prepping 4th of July picnic in historic Greene Square — Savannah historic District.

Bustling, we were gathering up the tasty 4th of July picnic food and patriotic table-scape setting.  When fittingly, a couple arrived from Philadelphia – the American city where independence from Great Britain was declared — for a stay at Green Palm Inn, a top-rated bed and breakfast cottage in America’s 13th original colony.

The arriving gentleman is in awe of the historic home’s character that is now a modern-day, 4-room bed and breakfast cottage.  “They just don’t make them like this anymore … with the high ceilings,” he began, while looking up and around, noticing and speaking of the home’s old bones, lovingly made fresh again.

“That’s the way historic Savannah is, you know,” says the jovial innkeeper, Diane McCray. “We take the best of the old and introduce something new.  There’s a wonderful character about this historical place that we don’t want to lose. Yet, we want to take full advantage of new trends and modern-day conveniences.”

A Red, White & Blue Holiday Celebration! 4th of July Menu and Recipes from top-rated Green Palm Inn Bed & Breakfast

After weeks of testing and tasting new recipes for lodging guests on the 4th of July, Diane had prepared an array of colorful, All-American fare in shades of red, white and blue.  Again blending old ideas with new personal touches, the celebratory picnic was spread.

The Menu: Green Palm Inn’s 4th of July Picnic

King Arthur’s Flour® “Walter Sands Basic White Bread” Rolls with Barbecue Chicken
(We like Walls Barbecue or Wiley’s Championship BBQ, voted Best in Savannah)

Southern Pimento Cheese and Red Pepper Jelly Rounds
Diane McCray’s Pimento Cheese

Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Mini Fruit Tartlets

William Sonoma’s Pound Cake Panini

Lite Summer Fruit Skewers with Krispy Kreme®
Donut Holes
(alternate fruit with glazed donut holes)

Patriotic Macarons
(Maison de Macarons dipped 1/3 in red & blue sugar)

Fruit Infused Water
(Pineapple Stars, Red Strawberries, and Blueberries)

Southern Sweet Tea

Mini “God Bless America” Cake
(Cupcakes would be easier for picnic!)

On this June Afternoon, it felt like the 4th of July!

Sparklers and accordion hand fans are on standby.  Greene Square’s canopy of Live Oak trees filters the afternoon sun.

grass was lush green from recent rains. Famously a friendly American city, neighborhood residents and city visitors stroll and pause to visit. Some take photos of the square, homes, and church. One, asking permission, snaps a picture of our table-scape picnic, too.

4th of July patriotic picnic in Greene Square, named to honor American Revolutionary hero General Nathanal Greene | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Patriotic holiday in Savannah at Green Palm Inn B&B’s 4th of July picnic in historic Greene Square — named to honor American Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene.

It was a beautiful afternoon, seemingly made just for innkeeper Diane McCray to be engaged, yet again, as the resident southern storyteller.  A delightful couple pauses in the square, and Diane did not tarry a moment. As though on cue, this hospitality ambassador began telling of the Second African Church (123 Houston Street), anchoring the northwest Trust Lot of Greene Square.   (Checking out the reversible benches in the video.)

Were these nice folks her inn’s guests? No. They were delightful Savannah tourists who Diane was happy to greet and inform.

“It is the historical place where Union General William Sherman announced ‘Forty acres and a mule’ [January 16, 1865] during the American Civil War, and where Martin Luther King peached an early version of his famous ‘I have a dream speech’.  This is Greene Square, named to honor Major-General Nathanael Greene, second in command to General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. Famously, the tiniest house in the historic district is there [pointing to the little rust-colored State Street cottage]. There’s quite a lot of history in this place.”

Moseying by is Old Charlie, the beautiful twelve-year old golden retriever. He arrived only a short while ahead of two equally beautiful retrievers.  [Now that we think about it, it was definitely the golden retrievers’ afternoon in the park!] The neighborly pups brought their willing senior to twenty-something pals along for their visit in residential Greene Square.

Easy Fruit tartlet appetizer and fruit infused water | Photo (c) Sandy Traub

Mini Fruit Tartlet (back right), plus ice cold summer fruit infused water (left) for holiday   picnic in Savannah

City sightseeing shuttles circled the square. Horse drawn carriages passed by at a slow prance.  Just enough of the tour guides’ narratives could be heard to know they were echoing Diane’s historical and patriotic tales about Greene Square.

Life is a celebration! 

We hope you’ll want to celebrate more of life, soon and often, and choose Savannah as the place.  We’ll have lodging, plus tips about “Savannah, the way you like” waiting for your visit at cozy Green Palm Inn.

God Bless America.  Happy 4th of July!


Copyright © 2013 Green Palm Inn / Sandy Traub

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