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Recipe: Dill Dip Appetizer

SAVANNAH Georgia — Our Green Palm Inn’s recipe for Dill Dip is a hit with our guests. It’s light and when served in a baguette chuck with fresh veggies, it is delightful as a pre-dinner appetizer.

Dill Dip
8 ounce sour cream
½ Cup Mayonnaise (I use Miracle Whip)
2tsp Beau Monde(Spice Island spices)
2tsp Dill Weed
6 green onions chopped (fresh)
Fresh Parsley (optional)

Mix all ingredients a day ahead of time. Serve in baguettes with raw veggies standing up for presentation.

Tip: Cut the baguettes into sections just slightly larger than needed. You can then cut the tops off at an angle to make a more sophisticated look. Scoop the soft bread out of the inside, leaving just enough to hold the dip and veggies. After filling the bread with the dip, stand your vegetables up in the dip for presentation.


Diane McCray
Green Palm Inn, Savannah, Georgia USA

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